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Dr. Belal Mahmoud AlWadi

Dr. Belal Mahmoud AlWadi is The Founder & CEO of the Jordanian Society for Business Entrepreneurship, Focal Point, and consultant for the (YPEER) Global Network in the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA).

He also worked as a Lecturer in Business Administration Department & Entrepreneurship Consultant at (IAU) University in KSA, Entrepreneur Certified Trainer with Saudi ARAMCO Company Centre (Wa’aed), Deputy Dean of Admission & Registration – The Manager of the Arab Centre for HR Performance Development in Amman Arab University (AAU)- Jordan, Media Consultant & official spokesman for the Arab Media Initiatives in the American Islamic Congress (AIC), and a Writer in several Arab magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals such as; Addustour Newspaper (Jordan) for more than five years, Al-Jazirah Newspaper (KSA), El-E3lami Magazine (Kuwait) and Entrepreneurs Magazine (Emirates).

Dr. AlWadi have many international awards and honors such as: Venus International Award in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, His Royal Highness Prince AlHassan Youth Award, Arab Award for Entrepreneurship and Human Development from League of Arab States, Outstanding Lecturer Award, AIC Global Award for leading initiatives and international projects, and many other research awards.

He has published dozens of books and scientific researches on entrepreneurship. Also he is a keynote speaker At many conferences and summits, such as; The 14th United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2016) Nairobi – Kenya, The Global Entrepreneurship Forum (GEF) – Riyadh, Also and the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 (GECS) which held in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, etc…

AlWadi is a member of the Review Committee for the International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) (ISSN – 2349-5138), and Editor-In-Chief & Advisory Board Member for the International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Management Research (IJETEMR) (ISSN – 2455-7773), and Scientific Review Committee Member for the Experts of Academic Excellence Research Centre (EAERC).

Dr.Pramod B.Patil
Editor-In-Chief, IJETEMR

Editor-In-Chief Dr. Pramod Patil is a veteran educationalist with an incredible experience of 25years including 11 years of PG teaching experience., 13 years of UG teaching experience and 1.3 years of industrial experience. He is doctorate in Electronics Engineering and his PhD work is recognized by SvTronics Inc, USA. He is an active member of ISTE Section Managing Committee. He is serves as member of various committees of universities. He received the prestigious ISTE engineering college teacher award. He has also won best educationalist award of national and international compendium. He has published 52 research papers in national and international journals. He is reviewer of IEEE transactions of Signal, Speech and Audio Processing and Springer’s international journal of Speech Processing. He is elected for the post of Executive Council of Maharashtra and Goa Section for 2015-2017.

Mr.Ashish S. Khachane
Founder, IJETEMR

Education is the key to access door of heavenly paradise of unthrill creations of the world which are locked in the books and thoughts of our guardians. As far as research and development is concerned, it is a one sort of treasure finding process which is hidden in the science and technology .To search /reveal the place of treasure, there is requirement of huge dedication, hard-work, perfectly analyzed planning, knowledge and tremendous will-power with ample of patience.

Every problem has a solution, to solve it sometimes you require time, sometimes money and sometimes people beyond this, there won’t be any existence of that problem. I would like to give my sincere vote of thanks to all my Advisory members, editors, reviewers and specially Editor-In-Chief Dr. Pramod Patil for his gracious contribution in the establishment of this Journal.