"Impact of Stress Management On Employee Performance with Reference To Haldiram Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur.”
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“Impact of Stress Management On Employee Performance with Reference To Haldiram Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur.”

Mehvash Ansari

Department of Business Management,

Jhulelal Institute of Technology.

Dr. Surekha Jichkar

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management,

Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur


“Stress is a reaction to a situation – it isn’t about the actual situation. We usually feel stressed when we think that the demands of the situation are greater than our resources to deal with that situation.

Workplace stress then is the harmful physical and emotional responses that can happen when there is a conflict between job demands on the employee and the amount of control an employee has over meeting these demands. In general, the combination of high demands in a job and a low amount of control over the situation can lead to stress.

Stress in the workplace can have many origins or come from one single event. It can impact on both employees and employers alike. It is generally believed that some stress is okay (sometimes referred to as “challenge” or “positive stress”) but when stress occurs in amounts that you cannot handle, both mental and physical changes may occur.

Sometimes it may be difficult to cope with workplace stress, but the skills of handling stress changes from person to person. The cause of your stress and your approach to handle it may be way different from that of your friend.

Generally, we think that stress is related to something negative, but we don’t have to look at it that way. Some stress is helpful, actually to drive people towards job completion. As you may observe, stress in itself can be used for positive purposes. This type of stress is known as Eustress. In simple words, Eustress is the stress that leaves a positive effect, or is motivating in nature. It results in a positive outcome. Such stresses help people in getting good performances.

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All these situations cause physical, emotional and mental strain, but these pressure scenarios release positive emotions and makes us happy. This is a form of stress too. So, stress is not always negative; we have positive stress too which makes our life dynamic, unlike the lives that people without any tension or stress live- dull, monotonous, and boring.

These kinds of stress are completely different from the stress disorders that people get exposed to in their professional lives. Workplace Stress is created from working in unsuitable and improper conditions and from working in an ill-suited job.

Literature review

A review on the previous studies on stress among the employees is necessary to know the areas already covered. This will help to find our new areas uncovered and to study them in depth. After understanding the concept of stress, we need to study the previous studies in order to have a larger view of various effects of stress on employees. This will surely lay down the scope of the topic for further research. The earlier studies made on stress among the employees are briefly reviewed here.

Job stress is defined by Colligan and Higgins (2005) as a complex psychological state of mystery, (Akanji, 2015). When the job does not ‘marry’ with your capabilities or with the right resources, both physical and emotion will react and respond dangerously and that is a symptom of a job stress, (Sauter and Murphy, 2013). Job stress comes in different form of sources and it plants an affection on people in various ways. No doubt, the relationship between the welfare and health of an employee and the physio social part of the job are well-documented (Dollar and Metzer, 1999), unfortunately only limited work has been conducted on the effects of distinctive stressors on an employee performance. Based on the demand-control model (Karasek, 1979) job pressure is one of the important source of job stress (Jungwee, 2007). What creates the difference between demands and the capability to provide mental security in the family is non-other than job stress (McCubbin and Figley 1983). Even though there is a substantial research body that deals with family and work, there hasn’t been much attention (e.g., Jacobson, 1987) provided that actually deals with job insecurity on both marital and family lives (e.g., Buss and Redburn, 1983., Ahmed & Ramzan, 2013). Job stress can be distinguished either a positive or a negative stress and it depends on the perception of a person between these two forces. It is not common now that work at stress especially is a new phenomenon to the way of our modern living.

The above mentioned studies bring to light the ill effects of job stress on the physical and mental health of the employees. This study is different as it is done to understand the effectiveness of stress management on employees performance.


  • To study the factors responsible for employees stress.
  • To study about the effects of stress on employees performance.
  • To study the strategies to manage stress.


The hypothesis for this project is : Stress management techniques adopted by Haldiram’s are very effective and help the employees to perform better.

Research methodology

Research methodology is purely and simply the framework or a plan for the study that guides the collection and analysis of data. The following study comes under descriptive type of research.


Generally two types are data are used for any research, which are very important for the research; these can be discussed as –Primary Data & Secondary Data

Primary Data –

Primary data are the data which are original in character, obtained for the first time, being collected from the respondents, either through questionnaire or through personal interviews. This can be collected by various methods like

  • Surveys
  • Observation
  • Experimentation
  • Measurements
  • Personal interview
  • Telephonic interview
  • Questionnaires

But my chosen way of collecting data was through interaction with employees and Questionnaires.

Secondary data –

Secondary data is the data, which has been collected by someone else for some other purpose and is used by the researcher in his research for study. In this project. For acquiring relevant  knowledge about the project I have studied secondary sources like company website, past records, reports, etc.


100 Employees.


A sample of 50  employees was selected for this survey.

Research Instrument:

 Percentage Analysis method was used to analyze and interpret results and achieves research objectives.


Independent Variable : Job Stress

Dependent Variable : Employee Performance


  • Stress level in individuals working in this organization is not much infact 20% of the respondents said that they don’t feel pressurized at all.
  • Employees are exposed to acute level of stress that does not cause any severe damage to the health of the employees.
  • The responses of employees  suggests that interpersonal relationships helps increase productivity.
  • It is also noticed that in the company in the time of afternoon slow instrumental music are been played this will help to keep the employees mentally fresh and to boost up the productivity .
  • Employees can have a balance between social and professional life.
  •  Most of the employees are content with the division  of  labour  thus they don’t feel overburdened.
  • There is lesser chances of employee turn-over due to stress.


  • The organisation is sufficiently staffed reducing stress and burden on employees.
  • Acute stress maybe noticed in newly joined employees since they are not fully trained.
  • Haldirams practices good policies regarding incentives, shifts, overtime, leaves that helps employees to maintain balance in personal and professional life.
  • There is no employee turnover due to stress, rather employees feel proud to work with Haldirams since it is such a remarkable brand.

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