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Rita Mungbhate

Student, Department of Business Management,

Jhulelal Institute of Technology.

Prof. Amar Satijani

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management,

Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur


Midcap funds invest in stocks with a market cap between $ 2 billion and $ 10 billion. Some of the midcap firms recently overcome their small cap status, but we still in the high growth mode with a better market positioning and stronger balance sheet. Because of their size and status midcap stocks offer a unique platform to portfolio managers of midcap funds to earn superior return by using their selectivity skills. This study analyzes the performance and persistence of performance of 257 U.S. domiciled retail midcap funds from January 2000 to December 2017.  The result of this study suggests that deposit the interesting platform offered by these stocks. It is not easy for fund managers to pick the stocks that beat the market. The result of this study shows that midcap funds do not outperform the market and their poor performance persistence over time.

KEYWORD:  Midcap Funds, NAV, Performance Evaluation.


Midcap funds are pooled investment vehicles that only invest in midcap companies i.e. companies with market capitalisation as large cap, mid-cap and small cap funds by the securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) to ensure uniformity in the investment space. Midcap funds provide a diversified portfolio of midcap companies for investors. Midcap socks funds invest in firm with established businesses. Therefore, these companies have made equity capital market a substantial part of their capital structure. Overall, midcap companies tend to offer more growth potential than large stocks and less with volatility than the small-cap segment. Midcap fund seek to capitalize on this capital appreciation potential creating funds that are diversified among midcap companies.


  1. To measure the performance of the selected midcap funds.
  2. To compare the performance of the selected midcap funds.
  3. To study of growth of midcap funds for last 5 years.
  4. To study the correlation between return & investment.


Data collection is the systematic recording of information. data analysis involves working to uncover patterns and trends in data sets. Data interpretation involves explaining those patterns and trends. Scientist interprets data based on their background knowledge and experience, thus different scientists can interpret same data in different ways. By publishing their data and the techniques they used to analyze and interpret that data. Scientists give the community the opportunity to both review the data and use it in future research. Data interpretation can be defined as applying statistical procedures to analyze specific facts from a study or body research. Data interpretation question ate a part of many standardized tests. Data analysis is considered to be important step and heart of the research in research work. After collection of data with the help of relevant tools and techniques, the next logical step is to analyzed and interprets data with a view to arriving at empirical solution to the problem. The data analysis for the present research was done quantitatively with the help of both descriptive statistics and inferential statistic. The descriptive statistical techniques like mean, standard deviation and for the inferential statistic analysis of co-variance were used during data analysis.


  1. On the basis of return since inspection the best midcap funds BIRLA SUN LIFE DIVIDS YIELD PLUS.
  2. On the basis of 1 year return the best midcap fund is SBI EMERGING BUISNESS FUND.
  3. On the basis of 3 year return the best midcap fund is SBI EMERGING BUSINESS FUND.
  4. On the basis of correlation between return & investment.  


The conclusion allows you to have the final say on the issues you have raised in your paper, to summarize your thoughts, to demonstrate the importance of your ideas, and to propel your reader to a new view of the subject. It is also your opportunity to make a good final impression and to end on a positive note. The following Conclusion are draw on the basis of data analysis and data Interpretation. From data interpretation we can say mutual fund is a best investment vehicle for old, retired, business people as well as youngster and those who want regular returns on their investment.Mutual fund is also better and preferable for those who want their capital appreciation.Both the companies are doing considerable achievement in mutual fund industry.There are also so many competitors involved those effect on both companies.Many of people do not have invested in mutual fund due to lack of awareness, although they have money to invest.Brand plays important role for the investment. People invest in those companies where they have faith or they are well known with them.As the awareness and income is growing the number of mutual fund investors are also growing.Distribution channels are also important for the investment in mutual funds. Financial advisors are the most preferred channel for the investment in mutual fund.


In my study I have found some limitation. For that I can suggest both the company following suggestions or area of improvement. Midcap MFs bank should try to provide better returns to its investors. Midcap MFs should try to invest in better securities for better profit.Midcap MFs should try to satisfy their customer by better customer service or by improving customer relationship management.Investor should be made fully aware of the concept of mutual fund and all the term and condition. The most vital problem spotted is of ignorance. Investors should be made aware of the benefits. Nobody will invest until and unless he is fully convinced. Investors should be made to realize that ignorance is no longer bliss and what they are losing by not investing.Mutual funds offer a lot of benefits which no other single option could offer. But most of the people are not even aware of what actually a mutual fund is? They only see it as just another investment option. So the advisors should try to change their mindset. The advisors should target for more and more young investors. Young investors as well as persons at the high of their career would like to go for advisors due to lack of expertise and time.


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