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Kajal Murlidghar Morghade

Jhulelal Institute of Technology

Department of Business management

Off Koradi Road, Nagpur -441111, India

Dr. Mahesh Suresh Chopde

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management,

Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur

mahehsmit26@gmail.com, 8208610454


Developing successful marketing strategies uses real market examples to demonstrate the development of effective marketing strategies. The approach uses an organization mission and vision statement to guide the development of marketing goals, strategies, and tactics. Central to the development of marketing strategy is the use of marketing strategy is the use of the marketing mix of price, place, product and promotion.

Keywords: Rural Marketing strategy, marketing mix, Promotional strategy.


Marketing strategy is the comprehensive plan formulated particularly for achieving the marketing objective of the organization. Its provides a blueprint for attaining these marketing objective and a success of the firm largely depends upon how effectively it serves the existing and prospective customers. Because it is only the sales which brings revenue to the firm the management of the firm can be efficient when there will be proper planning and control the present and future actions of the firm.

In the present competitive scenario it is very essential to predict the needs of the customers in hand and see to it that no stone is left unturned. Customer satisfaction is the main things which contribute to expansion and progress in any business. Study of the customer attitude towards the products in hand is also one of the main things which contribute to the decision whether the path selected to progress and create healthy business relationship.


  1. To know the marketing strategies of Mahindra tractors adopted by the corporation around the Saoner.
  2. To know the awareness of brand in Saoner.
  3. To know the customer response towards the John Deere Tractors.
  4.  To know the problem faced by the customer.


The data and information needed for the study has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary source used for collecting of information is questionnaire. Personal interviews with the customer of the Mahindra tractors and official interviews in the corporation. In addition to this the information in also collected from secondary source through the net.

Research design:-

In the study attempt is made to evaluation the preface of the company’s approach the sales person about their marketing strategies like advertisement, sales promotion tools etc. these are making to create an awareness of brand in their trigon sales.

  1. Data collection:-

For this study the primary and secondary data were collected from conduction survey on that region. The following show how I collected the primary as well as secondary data.

  1. Primary data:- The primary data was obtained through market survey. By personal interview and questionnaire method at Saoner region.
  2. Secondary Data:- The secondary data is collecting from the company as well as through some websites  (www.mahindra.com)


  • The research is applicable in the area of customer decision making process for purchasing the tractor of Mahindra & Mahindra Company.
  • The scope of research also helps in understanding the preferences of the customer it would help Mahindra tractor in designing their marketing strategy.
  • Through this study we can know about the growth of the Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Company.
  • Through this study Mahindra & Mahindra tractor will know about the availability of its product inthe market.


The following the derived from the data evaluated and analyzed by Survey:

  • According to the survey it was those Mahindra tractors have a brand loyalty than other tractors, because of its advanced feature.
  •  Among 50 respondents it was found that 60% of them was aware of Mahindra tractor and like to purchase Mahindra vehicle only because of its good performance.
  • Out of 50 respondents it was found that 52% of them respondents purchase tractors for agriculture purpose, 16% respondents for business and 32% respondents for other purpose therefore we can sat agriculture is the main reason for purchasing of tractors.
  • According to survey, it was clear that the availability of spare parts was very easy.
  • Out of 50 respondents it can be seen that 36%respondents’ purchases tractors by wall painting, among 54% of the respondents wear purchased from other. The 4% & 06% respondents by T.V Adds and magazines.
  • Out of respondents we find that 16% respondents are in a income group of Rs.below 40000. 12% of them are in the group Rs. 41000-70000.54%of them are in group of Rs.71000-100000 and 18% of them are in group of above 100000.
  • Out of 50 respondents it was found that 30 respondents are influenced by company showroom 4 respondents influenced by advertisement, 4 respondents influenced by colleagues, 6 respondents influenced by friends., 4 respondents influence by self, 2 respondents influence by relatives.
  • Among 100% of respondent 52% of customers were satisfied with the vehicle performance.
  • Among 50 respondents 35 are like to purchase vehicle through credit mode and 15 respondents by cash.
  • Among 50 respondents 60% are fully satisfied with the dealer’s services and 16% are satisfied and 12% respondents were not too much satisfied.
  • Cost incurred in maintenance of M&M tractors is reasonable and easily affordable.
  • Compared to the other brand of tractors available in Indian Market, study reveals, that M&M tractors have a longer life.
  • M&M tractors are more economical in the matter of fuel consumption.
  • Dealer’s marketing strategies and sales promotion is good.


After doing my in-plant project in Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor I come to know that how marketing strategy help to boost the sales, how and when they applied and executed. And the marketing strategy is very highly competitive.it is clearly found that the strategy of Mahindra tractor in this tractor market is very encouraging.


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