Railway Announcement Generator
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Railway Announcement Generator

Mr. Tushar Pudke Mr. Pavan Wagh Mr. Lalit Tekade

Mr. Mayur Ablankar

Students of CSE Department, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Nagpur


Prof. Manjusha Talmale

(Head of CSE Department GNIT Nagpur)

Prof. Niranjan Chitare

Abstract –

This undertaking centers around building up a mechanized framework for travelers. The principle point of this Railway Announcement Generator is to accomplish better exactness and to make the framework progressively proficient with the goal that it can produce 1000 of announcement in a small amount of second.

Frequently these chronicles are utilized at bigger stations where the travelers are bigger in number. Number of trains beginning or going through these stations is high. Rather than recording all train numbers, train data, for example, train number, train name and platform number is put away. So all the words like train number, platform number, source and destination are put away. All details of train and the expressions are assembled and played together. At the point when it is play it will be in three language. All states can oversee and record their own announcement as according to their state and their need. Similarly in Maharashtra it is in Hindi, Marathi and English. So all state deal with the announcement as indicated by their language which is understand.

The technologies of innovations are utilized in Indian Railways. The standard voice is pre-recorded and the spaces are loaded up with train numbers, expected appearance time, and stages. There is an interface with client input information (train number, anticipated time, stage, and so on.) and different choices. For example, execution train data, broadcaster. Sections are made physically utilizing the data accessible through sources. Some other obsolete techniques that have a set number of properties are utilized.


As we as a whole realize Indian Railways is one of the greatest railroad frameworks on the planet. So they need a decent framework for the great announcement of such countless trains at all stations. The declaration framework at Indian Railways is utilized by the PC at all stations by the station master.

Spontaneous announcement are those announcement which are utilized for little stations where number of trains and platform are little in number. Here station master makes the announcement on mic or amplifier. Spontaneous announcement is the most seasoned strategy for announcement where travelers are additionally little in number.

Pre-Recorded Announcement are those announcement that can be put away before in PC and can be utilized later during the announcement. In this type of announcement all the changing expressions are constantly recorded independently and after it would be merge. Just the variable stages are changes for each train name and stage are recorded independently and the expressions those are changes routinely are recorded independently. Rather than recording each and every train number just no. from 0 to 9 can be recorded. Be that as it may, the stations names must be pre-recorded. Later this data can be put away in PC which will make announcement. In Railway Announcement Generator all the Information about the train are as of now put away in the PC and this is additionally utilized during the announcement. The text which we enter manually should be converted into speech.

Each word or expression utilized in announcement is recorded and put away in that software’s database. At that point the administrator inputs the alternative (with each recorded voice) and all words and expressions are played sequentially, which we call it as announcement. It is an integrated system to fill in as an auto announcement PA framework, show system and coach guided promoting system. The system can make a programmed revelation with a pre-recorded voice brief, which is stored on the computer.


In Proposed work, the system is structure so that it can use in large just as little station with no need of uncommon programming. When the proposed works get finished, announcement system will be completely robotized or there will be less human intercession. It can generate 1000 of announcement at a time on a single click depending on our Internet speed.

A Railway Announcement Generator is a Software to generate Railway Announcement, Instead of Recording all Train Information. For Railway Announcement Generator we used Python Language.

The Working of a Railway Announcement Generator is as follows:

  • The Dummy mp3 Announcement which going to be use is get split with the help of pandas, pydub and pyaudio python module to get common used phrases in railway announcement.
  • The Train information such as train number, train name, platform number, source, destination which is entered manually will be converted from text to speech with the help of GTTS (Google Text to Speech Converter) Python Module.
  • Now, Generated train details and commonly used phrases will be combined in proper announcement format to generate complete announcement.
  • Pop up message of Announcement Generated successfully will display on the screen.
  • Now generated announcement will be play with the help of announcement player.


For Railway Announcement Generator we are using Python language. In python we are making two file first is for GUI (Graphical User Interface) of our project and second is for Announcement Generation. In both the files we are using different python modules like Tkinter, Pygame, Openpyxl, GTTS, Pandas, Pydub and Pyaudio.

  • First Phase: Storing Train Details

In first phase the proposed system stores the Train details for example, Train name, Train No., Platform No., Source, Destination in excel file record with the assistance of Python Module-Opepyxl. Administrator can spare more than one train detail in the event that they will generate announcement for more than one train.

  • Second Phase: Generating Announcement In Second phase, The Announcement will be created according to entered Train details. Administrator needs to choose language in which he/she needs announcement . Subsequent to tapping on Announcement button, the Announcement Generation python record which we are utilizing to create announcement begin running. It will bring train details from excel file record with the assistance of Openpyxl Module and convert it from text to speech with the help of GTTS module.

The Dummy railway announcement will get split and joined with created GTTS sections in an appropriate announcement design with the assistance of Pydub, Pandas and Pyaudio modules and announcement will get saved in given path folder.

Activity Diagram:

Activity diagram is actually a flowchart to represent a flow from one task to another task. Activity can be defined as a program function. Control flow is drawn from one activity to another.


This is Main GUI for Proposed System. In This page operator needs to fill required train details. After filling all details operator has to click on SAVE button. After clicking on SAVE button, train details automatically get saved in excel file and “Saved Successfully” message will pop up on screen as below snapshot

GUI Design of Railway Announcement Generator
Train details saved successfully
Announcement Generated Successfully

After Generating Announcement, message will pop up on the Screen that “Announcement Generated Successfully”. Now Operator need to Refresh Announcement Player and after refreshing generated announcement will appear in Announcement List.

Playing Generated Announcement

To generate next train announcement, we have to clear database first. And to clear database we have given “Clear Announcement” Button. After clicking on Clear Announcement we can generate next announcement as we had done before.

Future Scope:

  • We can spare all data in a single database as opposed to entering each time which will decrease human exertion and we can recover it just via Train number which is extraordinary for all trains.
  • We can utilize GPS system with this proposed system to get train location alongside AI and Machine Learning technique to get train details and create announcement automatically.
  • After completely created project, we can utilize this software in other transport services.


The principle point of this railway announcement generator is to give voice based announcement which requires less time to create the announcement. It is utilized to generate automatic announcement for train in various language. This project can reach out to any number of stations.


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