Human And Computer Interaction With Artificial Intelligence: A Review
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Human And Computer Interaction With Artificial Intelligence: A Review

Prof. P. V. Deshpande                                                      

Assistant Professor ,                                                                      

Computer Engineering Department 

BDCE ,Sevagram,Wardha

Prof. A. N. Thakare


Computer Engineering Department BDCE


Abstract :

Artificial Intelligence is provided by  human intelligence and made very powerful by human data, ultimately only useful in how it positively affects the human experience. Now a days, HCI is produced and used by the human which are users by the product. With the help of Artificial Intelligence HCI is depend on the input accept by the interacting interface. This paper provide an overview and review of basic concept of Human And Computer Interaction (HCI) and HCI with Artificial Intelligence because With the help of AI it is very easy to handle computer for physically challenged people.

Keywords : Artificial Intelligence , HCI, Computer Interaction.


Human–computer interactions (HCI) relation to artificial intelligence (AI) is include, it is the study to interact people with the computers.HCI is provide techniques and guidelines for design software and methods to compare the use of computer systems, for HCI. HCI Models are same purposes as architectural, scientific, or engineering models. The growth in HCI field has not only been in qulity of interaction. Computer are used special components for interacting with user. The interaction is two way process of computer and user. Human-computer interface is usually refers to the visible part of the user. Users communicate with the system and operate through the interactive interfaces.

the following statements describes the human computer interaction:

  1. The more human-like the interaction, the better are the users attitudinal responses.
  2. The more social intelligence a device has, the more positive the social impact
  3. The less telecommunication, the better for the interaction with co-located persons
  4. Find balance between useful interruptions and attention for co-located persons evaluations.

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) is defined as a discipline that deals with the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human. Every machine (computer system) is worthless if human beings can’t interact with it efficiently.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a wide spread and diverse community, linked by the growing theory of usability, and the immense determination to value human activities and experiences as the basic goal for technological changes.

Human    computer interactions (HCI) is dependent upon components like high- resolution displays and interactive electronics and video devices. HCI is a multidisciplinary field of study for focusing on the design of computer technology and, in particular, the interaction between humans and computers.

HCI is a crucial instrument to famous the idea that the interaction of computer (system ) and the human should resemble a human-to- human, open-ended dialogue. The increment of technologies such as the Internet and smartphone and computer use would increasingly move away from the desktop to embrace the mobile world.

Literature Survey:

1. The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology on Human Computer Interaction :

A Survey In this paper, work examine the architecture of Human Computer Interaction on the bases of number of inputs acceptable by the interacting interface, possible ways by which artificial intelligent technology and nanotechnology fits into Human Computer Interaction interfaces as well as benefits that are associated with proper harmonization of these fields. [2]

The impacts of artificial intelligence in Human Computer Interaction(HCI) reviews some very improvements in the way people interacts with the computers from making the interfaces smarts to direct connection from brain to the computers. Proper harmonization of these fields will eliminate the difficulties of using computer by most people as interaction will be based purely on multimodal architecture and people will communicate with the computer without any form of restriction and difficulties most especially the physically challenged persons.

2. Human-Computer Interaction System Design and Implementation in Network

This paper, based on the existing network of human-computer interaction systems, a new network of human-computer interaction system is a design method to proposed. This method can not only overcome the shortcomings of the existing human-computer interaction systems, but also can provide users to a standard and friendly interface, allowing users to master a variety of text retrieval operations without special training, so that to obtain information fast and accurately.

This paper proposes a Web-based HCI system design and then implements it. The design program uses the existing HCI interface style for reference, to improve for its lack and attempt to overcome the drawbacks of it in a friendly nature, intelligence and scalability, so that to make it more beneficial to users. [3]

3. Relationship between user models in HCI and AI :

This paper is Providing, the relationship between the two independent lines of research that is activities in human-computer interaction (HCI) and artificial intelligence (AI). The paper begins by considering the potential use of AI user models in HCI. The user modelling research conducted in HCI and AI respectively is then discussed along with the goals of HCI and AI. In this paper author discuss these distinctions from the viewpoint of the roles, nature, goals and development of user models. It is argued that HCI can contribute techniques concerned with gathering and modelling user requirements to AI, and in addition a view of how the results of employing AI user models might be evaluated.[4]

4. On The Intersection Of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This paper explores the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and identifies opportunities for future collaboration. Based on a literature review, the historic relationship of the fields, their theoretical foundations and possible applications are discussed.[5]

5. A Review Paper on Human Computer Interaction :

This paper consider mental model for Human Computer Interaction(HCI). There are various approaches of this review paper and one of them is highlighting current approach, results and the trends in the (HCI) and the second approach is to find out the research that have been invented a long time before and are currently lagging behind. And also focuses on the emotional intelligence of a user to become more user like, fidelity prototyping. [6]


In this paper , intends to provide an overview on the Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Author will be discussing about basic definition and a brief history about the origin of HCI. Then discussions will be made on existing technologies in HCI and their developments. In the end, we also intend to discuss about the future directions in HCI.[7]

Conclusion and Discussion :

HCI is most likely to become the only most global research topic of the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The sudden discovery in HCI design could bring radical change in the world. Many aspects of the HCI technology, which are concerned with interpretations of human behaviour at deeper level.. Since the human computer interaction is based on the interaction of the humans with the computers, it would be more preferred as it is easy to use and is totally dependent on the humans/users and works on the users instructions. A small work in this field will ease the work of people in the upcoming time. Based on a literature review, It is possible with the help of AI the HCI field is grown very faster and it is very useful for the human development and the historic relationship of the fields, their theoretical foundations and possible applications are discussed.

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