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1 Ashwini Lichode,  2 Dr. Swati Rahate

  1. Student, Department of Business Management, Jhulelal Institute of Technology.
  2. Associate Professor, Department of Business Management, Jhulelal Institute of Technology.


Organisational culture incorporating the characteristics of natural climate. This is so because the most frustrating feature of an attempt to deal with situational variables in a model of management performance is the enormous complexity of the management itself. The study is mainly focused on the organizational Culture and its effectiveness. The study will be helpful in finding out the impact of organizational culture on employee’s behavior towards various HR policies of the Western Coal Fields Ltd., Chandrapur Area. The study will be helpful in determining the factors which are responsible for the effective organization culture.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, HR Polices, Employees Behavior, Effectiveness of Organizational Culture.


The most important resources of an organization is its human resources – the people who work in the organization. People are vital for the effective operation of a company. To meet the challenges and competitive atmosphere of today’s business environment, managers must recognize the potential of human resources, and then acquire, develop and retain these resources. This forms the basis of human resource management (HRM).

Organizational culture is the process of quantifying the “culture” of an organization and it precedes the notion of organizational culture. It is a set of properties of the work environment, perceived directly or indirectly by the employees, that is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee behavior.  Climate and culture are both important aspects of the overall context, environment or situation. “Culture in natural sense is referred to as the average course or condition of the weather at a place over a period of years as exhibited by temperature, wind, velocity and precipitation.”

It has been proposed that organizational culture may affect the level of employee creativity, the strength of employee motivation, and the reporting of unethical behavior, but more research is needed to support these conclusions.


  1. To study the various welfare activities in Western Coal mine Ltd., Chandrapur Area.
  2. To study the factors influencing on organization culture of the company.
  3. To study the awareness of the employees towards their duties and responsibilities.
  4. To study the how organizational climate affects the performance of the employees of WCL, Chandrapur Area.
  5. The study the satisfaction level of employees towards various HR policies of the organization.
  6. To study the motivational level of the employees while working in organization.


Research methodology means a careful critical enquiry or examination in seeking facts for principles, diligent investigation in order to ascertain something.

Sources of data:

Both primary and secondary data have been used.

a) Primary data:

The primary data was collected through observation, interview schedules personnel visit to obtain the necessary information. The only instrument used was a structured interview schedules for the study. The interview schedules were given customers for collection of data.

2. Secondary data:

Secondary data was obtained from company records, magazines and annual reports etc.

Sampling unit:

Employees of WCL, Chandrapur

Sample size:

A sample of 60 employees was selected for this survey

Tool for analysis

Percentage method


a) Period of working:

It is found that maximum employees in WCL, Chandrapur Area are working from 2 to less than 5 years.

b) Nature of Job:

Maximum employees in WCL, Chandrapur Area have Permanent job.

c) Discussions with supervisors and managers:

Maximum employees of WCL, Chandrapur Area Have discussed with supervisors/managers about their payment.

d) Opinions of Workers on Company’s Issues:

It is clear that most of employees do not participate in discussion of company’s issues.

e) Relations with Managers

Maximum employees have good relations with managers.

f) Opinion about industrial relations:

Maximum employees said that industrial relations in WCL, Chandrapur Area are good.

g) Overall satisfaction of employees:

Maximum employees are overall satisfied with their job.


From the study, the researcher has come to know that most of the respondents have satisfaction towards organizational climate; the management has taken the best efforts to maintain cordial relationship with the employees. Due to the working conditions prevailing in this company, job responsibilities of each respondent seems to be the maximum.

From the study, the researcher has come to know that most of the employees were satisfied with the welfare measures provided by company. The employees of company get more benefits compare to other company.

Employee commitment is based upon the recognition that the success of any organization is determined to a significant extent by the contribution of its employees. Employee involvement programmers therefore seek to facilitate the involvement (or participation) of employees in the company.

Today most of the organization have realized that a satisfy employee is not necessarily the best’ employee in terms of loyalty and productivity. It is and engaged’ employee who is intellectually and emotionally bound with the organization, feels passionately about its goals and is committed towards its values. WCL, Chandrapur conducts such activities to engage or involve its employees and provides a good work environment so that its people can be happy and most important satisfies. People get equal chance to participate in the activities. They are involved in the activities other than work. A comfortable work environment is there where every employee feels comfort.


  1. Complaint resolution procedure is not up to date there should be a weekly resolution process.
  2. Organization should have enjoyable workplace & healthy relationship at all.
  3. Rest area should be provided near sub-assembly areas, not far away. So that to consume rest time timely.
  4. Hospitality facilities should be provided.
  5. Appropriate platform is there to put your problem in front of management.
  6. Response should be given towards problem.


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