Web Based Application On Women Security
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Web Based Application On Women Security

Pratik Nugurwar1, Adesh Gadekar2, Akash Thombre3 , Pavandeepsingh  Popaly4,Madhuri Wadibhasme5

Prof.  Dr. S.P.Khandait6

Karmavir Dadasaheb Kannamwar College of Engineering Nagpur,Maharashtra, India-440009.



Among the worst countries in crime, India has an hateful path data in all forms of sexual exploitation. In homes, on streets, in public transports and drawn offices. Indian women are in a continues state of care, like a country on terrorist alert. There have been odd cases of rapes of youngsters, gang rape of eight years old and women peddling. We have created a nation where women are learning to manage with factual anxiety and we should be ashamed.

A lot of NGOs, overhaul center and helpline numbers have been made running in the past years but they are all heal to the harassment that has already happened and not the ‘halt’ that we need. There are certain preexisting apps that do send a text to the saved contacts but none of them is effective and rapid enough and according to a view , the existing technology doesn’t make almost all women feel secure. A huge change in the basic structure and a some add  to these is a necessity. In a lot of cases, it is observed that women do not file a complaint against the blame for because of various reasons like not knowing the correct authority to report it to or feeling ashamed/guilty about the incident.


A detail produced by the World Health Organization in 2014 said that 33 percent of women around the world have been sufferer of sexual violence.

The National Crime Records Bureau of India detailed that a woman is strike in the country every four minutes.

The police are not capable to assist, as guidance about the violation does not extend them in time, if at all. With the number of villain acts towards women increasing at such an appalling rate, it is obvious that a method is needed from the technical community to ameliorate the situation.

Women Security Web Application  is an aim to provide women safety by permitting  them to place an emergency call to the police in a fast, discreet way. The use of the application is divided into three steps: input of emergency contact, activate of the alarm, and dispatch of an emergency message and call to the local police. The message carry the user’s current geographical location, as well as details of the user’s emergency contacts.

At the police station’s end, a system is set up to collect these messages and calls, and automatically plot the location of the setback on a Google Maps interface. The police can swiftly forward officers from the station nearest to the user, and convey the message to the emergency contacts.

The Nagpur Police Station (Maharashtra, India) has expressed bear for this initiative, and has committed a helpline to the emergency calls placed using Women Security Web Application. The application was developed for Web based devices, and is aimed to be extended to other platforms in the future.

This paper describes the development and usage of the web application, as well as its technical implementation and future prospects and proposals. The rest of the paper is order as follows. Section 2 describes associated work in web based applications targeted at better women’s safety. Section 3 describes the problem statement and its solution. Section 4 facts the web application development process. Section 5 traces a regular use case for the application, from application download to the police station interface. Section 6 talk about the proposal to merge Women Security Web Application [3]. The paper then closes with Conclusion, Future Work and References.


Every day, women are knock, abuse and violated on the streets of their own cities. Brutality hostile to women happens all over the world, particularly in developing countries. This violence can pull many forms: physical, sexual, or psychological. Physical assault on women includes the use of force to injure or endanger them. Forms of sexual knock involving rape, human trafficking and forced sexual exploitation, genital mutilation, child marriage and intimate partner violence. Psychological abuse occur in psychological trauma, which could manifest as chronic depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The over all have severe consequences on a woman’s physical and mental well-being.

A United Nations report in 2016, surveying earlier findings, revealed that over 1 in 3 women worldwide have been victims of either physical or sexual assault. 4.6 million people are sufferer of forced sexual exploitation, of which 96 percent are girls and women. It went on to details that women in cities, primarily in developing countries, are twice as possible to be attacked in any form than men. Even in the European Union, about 48  percent of women have been sexually harassed since the age of 15. In India, a study manage by the National Crime Record Bureau from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian government appeared that over 44501 women and 33510 children were assaulted in 2013.


The focus of this project, therefore, is to potent build a powerful platform for woman and child empowerment in our society. We endeavored to reach this by generate a web application that:

  • Has a straight forward user interface for rapid use
  • Secure the alert message is sent to the police
  • Permit the user to activate said alert discreetly
  • Monitors locations where reverse are taking place and details the same to the police (who in turn notify the user’s emergency contacts) The choice of creating a web application to attain the problem statement was proper to the fact that a mobile phone is in general carried on one’s person, additional so than a separate hardware device that could be lost. Additionally, in an unknown situation, Women Security Web Application careful trigger leading directly to an official police helpline is a more viable solution than clearly trying to place a call to a friend or family member.


Software Development Process Model

The development of Women Security Web Application  followed the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model suggested by James Martin. Three main things of the RAD model are record below: 1) Fast development and delivery 2) small  cost of development 3) Acceptable standard end-product The model uses dull , evolutionary prototyping, which enhance the circumstances of development well. The high speed of development and the compatible deliveries warrant the team to collaborate civil with the Nagpur police. The web application was divided into two components: a front- end user interface and a back-end functional unit. The user interface was developed in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, with local platform code in Java hold back for the user to catch the alert mechanism. The back-end was apply using PHP and JavaScript, beside MySQL for database querying. These two components were then combine logical, communicating via JSON.

Interface Design

The user interface of the web application was designed protecting in  mind the require for simplicity. The use of the web application was wanton to be straight forward, as it would be gain primarily in times of mess, apart from the initial undertaking of emergency contacts.

The home page of the application has three clear buttons:  PANIC, Arrange Settings and About. The Arrange Settings button takes the user to a settings form, where in she can input her name, phone number, and the name and phone numbers   of her emergency contacts.

The easy form allows the user to easily enter the needed report. The light, clear-cut buttons on the home page, color coded for priority, facilitate rapid use. It is cost noting that in most use cases, the user would not open the web application and press the PANIC button on the user interface, but would rather shake her phone to activate the trigger deftly.

The interface at a police station has a Google Maps  that can be hurtle in to detect the accurate location of the user in torture. It continue records of the phone number, mesh and the emergency contacts of every one user who had triggered the alarm. The mobile details are highlighted, and all details can be modified or deleted by the police if so required.Database records can also be added, exported and searched through.


The development of Women Security Web Application built use of the technologies below:

  • HTML/CSS and Bootstrap for the front end user interface, and
  • C# for native platform code to enable waiting for the trigger
  • MySQL for management of the database
  • ADO.NET and ASP.NET for communication linking front-end and back- end of  the application


The user alliance of the web application was coded in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The Phone Gap API from Cordova was hold for plug-ins to enact the alive of the web application as a background service (Red-Folder[12]), to enable shake noting(A. Gibson), to transmit the emergency message to the police (Apache Cordova), and to area the emergency call. For the trigger mechanism, local Java code was hold.

The back-end of the web application was apply using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL for database querying. It comprise of a portal that obtained the encoded text message sent from the user’s phone and stores it in a database. The database is queried and the GPS mesh are plotted on a Google Maps interface. To wary the operator, an audio care system is included at the collecting portal. An open-source replica was followed while developing this application, allowing rapid implementation and formation else where of the platform developed without the require to reinvent the entire system.

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There are four main stage of operation of the web application: input of emergency contacts, bracing of the service, instant transmission of the emergency message and call, and response from thepolice station.

Input of Emergency Contacts

When the user unlock the web application for the first time, she is query to enter her emergency contacts so the similar can be stored. The emergency contacts can be selected from the existing contact list, or can be undertake a new. Thereafter, the web application will run as a background kindness which can be activate in case of an emergency.

Activation of Service

The activatation of the web application is simple and rapid. On shiver the phone 40 times continuously(within about 8 seconds) or on critical the PANIC button, the backdrop service immediately generate a new process which holds the dispatch of the emergency message. behind this time period, the count is reset.

Transmission of Emergency SMS and Call When started , the web application automatically transmit a message to the police via SMS, hold the user’s current geographical location and the record of selected emergency contacts. The police next pass on the message to the emergency contacts. SMS was select over mobile data as the manner of communication as it is more good, functioning even in areas with limited mobile relatedness. Immediately after the message is sent, the application automatically location a call to a committed helpline if during the initial stage of the application by the Nagpur Police (or a suitable local police station when the application extend beyond the Nagpur area); the call will be taken and recorded to use for hint or as evidence. The call is placed after the message has been sent to make sure the lines of communication are not choke before the user’s location is built known to the police and hence to emergency contacts.

The Police Station Map Interface

The police station has a Google Maps interface which spot every one location where an emergency is proceeds location at that point of time. This permits the authorities to take swift action and dispatch police men from the police station nearby to the location of the user. This feature ease swift reaction times, which is reproving in cases involving women’s safety.


This paper report a web based application/platform we have developed to foster women’s safety: Women Security Web Application .

Women Security Web Application is a straight forward method for a woman to locate an emergency call when in a mess. All the user must do is vibrate the phone often, and an emergency message holding her GPS holding and  selected emergency contacts is directly and automatically sent to the police, after which a call to a committed police helpline is placed. No user interference is needed what ever, in instance it cannot be easily given. The police receive an audio alert and the location of the mess is plotted on a Google Maps interface at their station.

This clear-cut order of events ensures that help can be provided to women in mess as rapidly as possible. Our web application ensures that questions regarding the user’s place or whom to contact, as well as doubt  at police stations as regards where the officers must be send from, do not arise. As college students, we fully sense that it is our good responsibility to give back to society in the best way we can, and that wish shines fully through the request we have created. We are perform to reaching as many women and children as feasible via these abuse-prevention help in the dream of truly qualities a difference.

The beta version of the web application was flow in our college and was obtain well by the female students. They found the concept encourage and the web application interface easy to use.


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