The Application for Fast Mechanic Services
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The Application for Fast Mechanic Services

Prof. H. V. Gorewar

Information Technology KDKCE Nagpur, India  

Teena  S. Boradkar                  

Information Technology  KDKCE Nagpur, India 

Parnika N. Choudhari 

Information Technology KDKCE Nagpur, India

Roshni U. Dupare                              

Information Technology                                


Nagpur, India                   

Shivani R. Gangekar           

Information Technology                        


Nagpur, India


Fast Mechanic Service Provide all the facilities about employment as well as the services provided  by the mechanics. This  Fast  Mechanic service application cover all the essential step tends to fulfill services easily. For developing countries foreign trade may play major roles in economic development. The focus here is on providing employment to needy people and  provide the services for the  users and this  should  be  an  increasing  technology in the country.. This application provides  a type  of  service and essential information and general awareness .Fast  Mechanic  Service is the application based on front end in ASP.Net framework and Backend with SqlServer. ASP.Net Framework is easy to handle and manages all the factors of this application whereas SQLServer provide strong database support to this application.  

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In general, Fast  Mechanic  Service  field is the main source in providing strong support for  employment and the  services for  the  fail  vehicles . This  will provide employment  as  well as  consume  time and will not  require  more man power. Fast  Mechanic  Services provides this platform where users  can  repair their failed vehicles from  that  place itself.

When  any  person travels out  with there own  vehicle and  in  case  the  vehicle  fails  then  they can  be  provided with  the  direct services at  the  place  of  failed  vehicle  without taking  that vehicle  to a nearby place  of repairing center.

Here the  user will just  need  to  register  our  application  of  Fast  Mechanic  Service  wherein  the  admin  will allocate  the  nearby  employee  to  repair  the  vehicle.

The  employee  will reach  to  that location for  repairing and after the  facility  provided the  employee will be  crosschecked if  they  are satisfied with  the  services or not.


Fast Mechanic Service  application works on  Failed vehicle. The basic objective of this application is to provide conceptual and practical knowledge of Fast Mechanic Service  in all over world. Fast Mechanic Service  will show all the employees

available to the nearby place from where the vehicle is failed and the admin will make sure to promptly send an employee to that location.

Fast Mechanic Service   Works on two main modules which are Administrator and Employee. Administrator will provide all information related to Fast Mechanic Service  Facility. User gets all the essential and important information available in this application. It has various services which have individual functionality.

The second module in our project is Employee. Admin  do the registration of an employee and provide id and password through the mail using simple mail transfer protocol. Employee will go to the place where the vehicle has been failed, and do the repair related activity .The  employee will  make  sure  that  the  facility  will b  fulfilled  and  the  user  is  satisfied  with  the  service provided by  them.

Admin  provide various benefits to the registered employees. And  hence plays a significant role for any employee.

The basic objective of Fast Mechanic Service  is to develop and promote the employees of the nation.

Fast Mechanic Service  application provides all information about the employees needed for repairing the vehicle that are near to that place. In this application firstly work on Employee.

I. Technologies used


ASP.Net is the successor of Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages), but it is developed to be more powerful than ASP. It can be used to build dynamic websites and web based distributed applications, respond to data submitted by the user from the HTML form, and access to the data or database, then return the results to the browser. ASP.NET is a development platform provided by .NET Framework and features a completely object-oriented programming model, which includes an event-driven, control-based architecture that encourages code encapsulation and reuse. When coding ASP.NET applications, programmers have access to classes in the .NET Framework. ASP.NET consumes very large in terms of memory usage and execution time, due in a long code path. For web-based applications, these limitations would be a serious problem, because on the web, application may be extended to thousands of users per second. Memory usage may also become a problem on the Web server. On the other side, obviously the advantages of ASP.NET depend on its simple design and implementation. This is the dream of object-oriented programming: Language flexible and support to complex object-oriented features. In this sense, it could be able to interoperate with the existing skills of programmer.

B. SQL 2008 Server Database

Microsoft SQL Server is a database management and analysis system for e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions, it is a powerful and easy-to-operate back-end database management system, increasingly favored by the majority of database users. More and more development tools are provided with SQL Server interface. SQL Server is a relational database management system, originally developed by three companies, Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate jointly. The first version was OS/2, launched in 1988. After the release of Windows NT, Microsoft and Sybase SQL Server developers parted ways, Microsoft moved SQL Server to Windows NT system, and focused on the development and promotion of SQL Server Windows NT version. SQL Server cannot only be applied to small and  medium-sized database management and the establishment of a distributed relational database, but also to develop a desktop database. In fact, the basic structure of the SQL Server database processing uses relational database model. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is a key management tool for SQL Server, and complies with the MMC standard user interface, allowing users to define the instance of SQL Server group. The SQL Server also supports functions like registering individual servers the group, configuring all SQL Server options for each registered server, creating and managing all SQL Server database objects, log-ins, users and permissions in for each registered server, and defining and executing all SQL Server administrative tasks on each registered server. 

user interface (GUI) in the form of website where managers of the system interact with the application whereas the backend Consists of sqlserver database in order to extract product information from system. The extracted information of products is stored in SqlServer database.

Fast mechanic service uses SMTP method to transfer mail  from one user to another. SMTP is a push protocol and is used to send the mail whereas POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP

(internet message access protocol) are used to retrieve those mails at the receivers side

Export promotional councils provide various benefits to the registered exporters. And hence plays a significant role for any exporter in India.

 C. Implementation

We have 3 main modules in this project,

  1. Admin Module
  2. Employee Module
  3. User Module 

Module Description:

1. Admin Module:

Admin module is  the one who has overall authorities of the  application. Admin module allows system administrator to set up back-end of the system. Admin can manage the employee as well as User part. Admin login page where the Admin will login himself by entering his username and password. After that it get login the dashboard will appear where it can shows the following content view registration  and user request. Admin set up is users management which allows users to be set up. Admin can also set up overall system security settings such as required password strength, inactive session , password reset period, etc. Admin do the registration of employee. Admin also handled the employee as well as user. Admin check all the details of employee as well as user.

In Admin modele there are two parts:-

  1. View Registration :- Admin can views all the registration of an employee. also check the details of an employee.
  2. User Request:-  admi can  views all the user request of an user. also check the details of an user.

 2. Employee  Module: 

Employee acts as part of the permanent all time equipment maintenance  to conduct service, repairs, and fabrication of road maintenance equipment including  trucks, dump trucks, semi-tractor, bulldozers, trailers, and car other construction equipment. Employees of this classification generally would perform equipment service work such as changing oil, lubricating chassis, equipment and accessories, changing and repairing tires, and related jobs. In Employee registration where if the member is new  then  it will need to register and if the employee already register then they can login directly. After login  successfully dashboard will appear where it can shows the following content User  and Employee.  site admin view the complete request.

In  Employee module there are two parts:-

  1. User
  2. Employee

3. User Module:

In User part of module where if the member is new  then it will need to register and if the user already register then they can login directly. After login  successfully dashboard will appear where it can shows the following content User  and Employee. In User module checks the details of an user request and check the details of failed vehicle. After the Employee Area master page will appear. then it will check the list of user and submit it.

In  User module there are two parts:-

  1. User     
  2. Employee


Undoutedly  Fast  Mechanic  Service will provide employment   to  the  needy  people which  will result  in  growth  rate of   employment rate  in India.  It  will  result  in  fulfilling  the cuser  requirements  and  the  user  will  not require to  carry their vehicles  at   distance  places.It  will decrease  in  man  power  result  and  will consume  the  time.The  mechanic  will  be  directly  available  to  the  given  location where  the  vehicle  failed  which  will  be  suitable  for  the  customer  will help  them to  reduce  their  problem. It  is  dedicated  to  provide  users  with  quality  service  from  the  moment  the  user  enter  our  fast  mechanic  service  center.We  strive  to  deliver  exceptional  auto  maintainance  service. The fast mechanic service works inside the prompt service unit at a vehicle repairing, at a subsidiary or at a fast specialist service under the responsibility of the site admin who has sent him to the spot.


[1]  Service  Quality  and  Customer  Satisfaction  and a  loyalty  in  automobile  repair  service   sector . Ernest Emeka  Izogo and Ike-Elechi Ogba Department of Marketing, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria.

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