MetaBOT Android Application
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MetaBOT Android Application

Miss. Yogeshri Choudhari1, Monika Bhute2, Krutika Funde3, Tejbhan Sahu4
1, 2, 3, 4Information Technology, KDK college of Engineering, Nagpur.


This paper presented here is about the development and design of Android Application using software Android Studio which works on Java. This application will help students graduating in the field of Engineering under RTMNU irrespective of their department and the application is also going to help to the professors in ways like taking test, showing attendance and also informing about campus drives and other events. Our Main focus is to help students finding new ways of learning and also helping them to have ease in collecting the papers, notes, exam result, attendance. This could become the new and effective way of one tap learning. Students can also learn & test themselves by their own.

Index Terms – Android Studio, Firebase.


MetaBOT is an application with multiple uses. This App will help students to learn from the readymade notes, have full syllabus in detail on one tap, University time table, readily available M Test(MCQ test) of their favorable subject with a proper evaluation by the professor. It has the feature of user login and sign up for students and the admin sign up and admin login for the Professors. All this data is stored in the firebase. For the security purpose OTP verification is done at the time of sign up using the mobile number. Here, all the precautions are taken to keep admin user account login different from the students. The chat module in this application can help to solve the queries between students and professors. Also we have added the feature of buying selling of books or any kind of study material so that the students can easily find their academic notes and can sold their old ones or give them to the needy one. Attendance record of the student will also be maintained regularly. And various reminders will be provided to the students with the help of notifications regarding campus drives and other educational events, seminars, webinars.


  • The problem was different Software’s was being used for access the things like to check attendance graph, exam papers, buying or selling books , taking online test .
  • To merge all this so that all can be accessed through a single application.


Learning through mobile is very easy because this can be done easily and side by side we can also multitask the other applications. The application of mobile learning can be used through the android operating system that is chosen in consideration to that android has been dominating the Smart phone market and is a free operating system which is open source operating system that is easily developed. This application will be implemented for two types of user: Admin side and user side .Each user have to login first if the user is not able to login then they must be the new user then they have to sign up in the application. [3] Android college applicationwhich provides a common, easy to use platform for college students to develop a better interaction with fellow students, faculty and administration. This work has unique and helpful feature of raising queries, where students can put up their queries and anyone can answer their queries. [2] At present the development of rapid communications equipment makes easier to communicate globally. [4] Chat messenger application is used for android users to communicate through internet and have a chat. [1] The module of buying and selling of study material in this application is a unique one as it’s very much useful for all the students and to take their favorable choice of notes not only from their college but also from other college students or from different professors. The record of the users and the test which they have performed will be maintained on the firebase. From the login process to the test records everything will be reflected in the firebase. One more additional feature in this application is that whenever the user having problem regarding application they can directly chat with our expertise or they mail us for their services. The attendance of the prior college will be uploaded by the respective college faculties and the attendance chart of every student will be displayed and only the particular student user can view their personal details like mark test and attendance. [5] Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s Android operating system, built on Jet Brains’ IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android development .It is available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux based operating systems. It is a replacement for the Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) as the primary IDE for native Android application development. Firebase’s first product was the Firebase Real time Database, an API that synchronizes application data across iOS, Android, and Web devices, and stores it on Firebase’s cloud. The product assists software developers in building real-time, collaborative applications.






The main objective of this smart application is to provide academics related facilities to the students. Anytime anywhere students can access this application they just need internet, just search and learn. The main and highlighted feature of this application is direct communication between students and faculties.


In future, this application can be extended for proving certified courses and for taking online classes of every possible subject for the students to learn from anywhere at anytime.


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