Survey on Students Fees Management System
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Survey on Students Fees Management System

Vedant Banait, Vishal Murarkar, Prof. K. S. Chandwani
Student, Dept. of Computer Technology, KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, India,
Student, Dept. of Computer Technology, KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, India,
Professor, Dept. of Computer Technology, KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, India,


In today’s world, every other organization needs some kind of management tool for various aspects. Whereas, in many fields it hasn’t been implemented as because of lack of awareness. In some field there is still human resources are needed to manage several things like fees of students as in schools and colleges. To minimize the consumption of human resources the management software is very useful. The main advantage of using some kind of management software is that is doesn’t made mistakes until and unless the mistake is made by human while entering the data into the system. It also reduces the chances of losses due to the human error. The main goal is to achieve the reliable tool on which the system can be depend upon for the management purposes.

Index Terms- Database, Printing, Fees Structure, Management


This project is a web-based project in which the student can generate receipt of payment of college fees. This systematizes the process of receipt generation by visiting college and related Incharge every time. The system will consist of two types of user logins, Admin Login and Student Login. Admins have all the authorities regarding students’ information and editing students’ details, updating information, and adding them into the database etc. A Student has right to view/read his/her data and generate receipt for the fees they have paid. Some students have poor financial conditions, so they request for an extension of EMI’s or postponement of payment dates, this all can be done by an admin in this project. In the project students’ fees details will be added as per their type of admission fees to be taken, some of them are getting benefits of their casts through Freeships/Scholarships and some use their TFWS Merits to get scholarships and some have to pay full fees. Some pay their management fees. In this web-based application project, one can link multiple divisions of same institute in which all the database of student’s data could be viewed by the core members of the organization. This makes it reliable for the Owner to have a complete database of the institutions he/she is owning. Instead of inquiring data of each Depts from every branch incharges he/she can have it anytime and with minimal human effort. In college meetups of Year Incharges with respective HOD’s, incharges are requested for the complete information of any class or any specific student’s fees details at that time the faculty incharge can simply filter the database for specific student’s name by searching it in the application. In this paper, we propose an approach which will overcome the problem of reduction of human error while maintaining all the database on excel sheets and musters and will reduce human resource.


The block diagram of the proposed plan is given as follows. Its states the different states of the proposed plan and it will be executed.

Fig.1: Data-Flow Diagram

Data flow diagram of the Management system is shown in fig 1


There are in total 3 sets of modules. The front page, the connectors which joins the database with the front page, and the database. Admin have to enter the data initially to create the database where it assigns the amount of fees, and all other related information of the particular student. Once the database is ready, the admin just needs to provide the right to the users who can edit the database and who can only view the database.

III.1 Web Application (Front Page)

It is where the login page appears and after successful login as per the privileges assign to the user the data can be viewed. This is the only thing that every user can see.

III.2 Database

This is the module where the data is going to be available in the tabular format. The database is hosted using the MySQL sever and owned by Oracle Inc. The safety of the database is vitally important.

III.2.1 Student:

This type of account can only be able to view the data and make print of the receipt. No other privileges are given to this type of account.

III.2.2 Administrator:

This type of account has the highest privilege for making changes to the database as well as deleting the database. A log will be maintained for the auditing purposes to know which admin edited which information in the database.

III.3 Connection

This is the midway thing which is used to provide assistance in communication between the web page and the database. To achieve this, we have used ODBC and PHP as well.

Fig.3: Student Flowchart



In the paper [1], the authors have explained about how the database works and how one can access the database and modify according to their privileges by using the web browser application. The database can be modified by executing queries and other kind of executing statements. In the paper [2], the authors have explained how the browser is connected to the database using php. The php programming or scripting is mainly done separately and saved in the local client machine, where as per the user the define php script is been executed. In the paper [3], the authors have explained how the secure connection is been established by implementing various cryptography techniques. The data from the database always flow from the media in encrypted format for the prevention of data theft. In the paper [4], the authors have explained how the purpose of establishing an integrated financial account management system for adapting to the objective requirements of digital construction of universities through the analysis of current situation of the account information of universities In the paper [5], the authors have explained how the college information, student information. It also keeps track records of all the information regarding students those who are placed in the various organization. In the paper [6], the authors have explained the importance to either an educational institution or a college. The system (CMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the institution or a specified department. This system may be used for monitoring attendance for the college. In the paper [7], the authors have explained how the design and realization of ERP system’s accounting management modules. In the paper [8], the authors have explained how the Android Technology with web services has brought many drastic changes in the mobile application development field.


Our paper introduced Students Fees Management system – our web-based system which can be used in college campuses and can be used by any registered user (Student and Admin). We projected this to operate using least amount of human effort and also to avoid mistakes which are usually made. All of this in a web-based project which can be effortlessly understood and used by any person. Based on our information, we found that this kind of plan can be very beneficial in areas where the amount of admissions is high and the database security is a key concern and appropriate fees structure should be accomplished. This type of web-based UI can even be used in various fields where management of money is required.


Following technology further can be upgraded to Online Transactions from anywhere without any Challan (Just the receipt) and We can even join multiple Branches altogether by creating a database.


We would like to show our gratitude to the professors for sharing their pearls of wisdom with us during the course of this research, and we thank them for insights and for their comments that greatly improved the report. We are also immensely grateful to our department for providing all the necessary equipment and facilities.


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