Simulation On Web Controlled Smart Notice Board Using Raspberry pi
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Simulation On Web Controlled Smart Notice Board Using Raspberry pi

Yogita Chakole1,Samiksha Khangar2,Yuga Jamkar3,Namrata Dhoke4, Dr.(Mrs.)J.S.Gawai5
1234BE, Department of Electronics Engineering, K.D.K. College of Engineering, Nagpur, India
5Professor Department of Electronics Engineering, K.D.K. College of Engineering, Nagpur, India


IoT is the organize of physical “things” or question that contain inserted innovations to interface and sense to move with their inner states or the outside setting. Automation is the for most regularly spelled term inside the field of electronics. The starvation for mechanization brought a few revolutions inside the existing innovation. Notice board could be a essential figure in any foundation or public places like transport stations, railway stations, colleges, shopping centers etc. Staying out various notices day to day may be a intense strategy. A isolated individual is required to take care of this notice display. This project is with respect to progressed wireless notice board. In IoT based Web Controlled Notice Board, web is utilized to wirelessly send the message from Browser to the liquid crystal display. A nearby web server is made, this can be a worldwide server over net. At the Raspberry Pi, LCD is utilized to show message and flask for getting the message over network. At whatever point Raspberry Pi gets any wireless message from Web browser, it shows on the liquid crystal display.

Keywords – Raspberry pi 3B, 16*2 LCD display, I2C Serial module, Mobile phone.


As Notice board is an basic data gathering framework in our life. Day to day life, we are able see notice board in different places life school, colleges, shopping shopping centers, bus stations, railroad station, workplaces etc. Today we are progressing to one step ahead and rather than utilizing GSM as remote medium, this time we are utilizing web to wirelessly send the message from web browser to the LCD which is associated to the raspberry pi. The message is send through the net browser so it can be utilizing computer, smart phone or tablet. In this web controlled notice board, we have made a nearby web server for show this could be worldwide server over web. At the raspberry pi, we have utilized 16*2 LCD show message and carafe for accepting the message over arrange. At whatever point raspberry pi gets any remote message from web browser, it shows on the LCD .The issues are confront by the wooden or ordinary sort take note sheets are settled by the execution of advanced notice board. It’ll bring an progress implies of passing notices around within the world in a much simpler and effective way. It is simple to introduce client neighborly framework which may get and show take note in specific manner with pertinence date and time which is able offer assistance the client to essentially keep the track of notice board each day and time which employments a framework.


The most objective is to plan an programmed, self enabled highly dependable electronic take note board. A show associated to a server framework ought to ceaselessly tune in for the incoming messages from client, prepare it and show it on LCD screen. Message shown should be updated every time the client sends modern data. As it were confirmed individuals should upgrade the information to be shown on the monitor.


Ganesh E. N. IRJCET 2019 [1] Wireless innovation give quick transmission over a long extend information transmission, utilized in this paper. It spares time, taken a toll of cables, estimate of the framework. Information can be sent anyplace within the world. Username and secret word sort confirmation framework is given for including security. Already the take note board utilizing Wi-Fi module was utilized. In that, there was the constrain of the scope range, in our framework web is utilized as a communication medium.

Divyashree M, Harinag Prasad ,Sandeep G T,Bhavya S N,Poornima S IRJET 2018 [2] In this paper an progressed remote IoT based Web Controlled Take note Board, web was utilized to wirelessly send the message from browser to the fluid gem show. A neighborhood web server is make this could be a worldwide server over net. Within the raspberry pi2, LCD is utilize to show message and carafe utilized for accepting the message over arrange.

M.Arun. P. Monika and G. Lavanya IJCAT 2017 [3] IoT based web controlled notice board has the Raspberry Pi2 with LCD display as the smart system acts as the central server of the proposed system and the notice boards are accessible only by logging in with the proper credentials within the raspberry pi server. Raspberry Pi2 acts as the server and is connected to internet employing a correct IP address, so as certified user of this system can login from any place.

.Rubin Bose and J. Jasper Prem IJRIER 2017 [4]S GSM based Driven looking over show board, GSM demonstrate communicates with micro-controller through a synchronous serial communication was plan in this paper. The micro-controller transmits a set of AT commands to studied the message sent by the client. The GSM based framework has the adaptability to show speedier than the programmable framework. This framework is simple to preserve in ordinary life by any one at wherever with less blunders.

Kruthika Simha, Shreya and Chethan Kumar IEEE 2017 [5] This paper crave to emphasizing the comes about of the venture centered on creating a remote electronic take note board each offers the adaptability to control data show inside a given run on different shows. The take note board shows data being transmitted it from a central controlling unit, utilizing a serial communication convention.

Neerajkhera and Divyashukla IEEE 2016 [6]It has created a basic and moo cast android based remote take note board. They offer framework employments either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based remote serial computerized communication. For this plan android based application programs of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication between android based individual advanced right hand gadgets and farther remote show board are utilized.

Dharmendra Kumar Sharma and Vineet Tiwari IEEE 2015 [7] Wi-Fi is utilizing for information transmission. At any time we’ll include or expel or change the content steady with our necessity. At transmitter authorized PC is utilized for sending a takes note. At get conclusion Wi-Fi is associated to raspberry Pi. When an authorized client sends a take note from this framework, it is gotten by collector.


Fig-1 Block Diagram of IoT based Web Controlled Notice Board.


The main work of the proposed framework is to develop a Advanced take note board that show message sent from the client through web and to plan a simple, client neighborly framework, which can get and display take note in a specific way with regard to date and time which is able offer assistance the client to effectively keep the track of take note board each day and each time he employments the framework. Framework comprise of two section called as sender and collector, which appeared in the figure 1. Sender is mindful for sending valuable information through the remote organize. In arrange to get to Advanced take note board the sender must enter into the comparing web address.Client can get to this web address either utilizing individual computer or portable phone. To create the proposed framework more client neighborly we make an android application. By utilizing this application sender can straightforwardly enter into the net address. In expansion to this android application contain voice to discourse converter. So the sender can send content message through his possess voice without writing messages. Raspberry pi has no VGA harbour. So in arrange to interface LCD screen with Raspberry pi, HDMI interface is utilized. The gotten content messages are shown on the screen like looking over way. Similarly received pictures will show on the screen.

Proposed plan of work:

This will be a moving message show, which might be utilized as the advanced take note board, and besides a Wi-Fi handset, that will be that the foremost later development utilized for communication between the versatile conjointly the inserted devices. Framework can work like once the client wants to show or overhaul the take note board, that is unimaginably useful to appear the circulars, day by day occasions,plans are to be appeared.Raspberry Pi chip has been interior the framework is programmed in such absent that when the coding is written in embedded framework gets any message it’ll browse the message shape serial harbour through WI-FI transceiver, in case the message is composing in any PC at that point it’ll begin showing the data inside the show framework. The messages are shown on the fluid precious stone display. This system is to cut back the time wastage and overhaul with any time is to horrendously basically. The serial WI-FI has been utilized it can be utilized to transmit an data from serial harbour communication. It suggests that to show the data from to a tiny bit at a time to urge the notice load up at that point stores it, messages are at that point appears it within the LCD module.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

This Raspberry Pi 3 show B is the primitive demonstrate of the third-generation raspberry Pi. It supplant by the raspberry Pi 2 show B in February 2016. In recipient area, Raspberry pi is associated on Wi-Fi for getting to web. The Raspberry Pi is a taken a toll, credit-card measured computer that plugs into a computer screen or TV, and employments a standard keyboard and mouse. see moreover Raspberry Pi 3 demonstrate B+, the most recent item within the Raspberry pi 3 run. It has the quad 1.2 GHz broad-com BCM 2837 64bit CPU. It has 1GB RAM.. 100 Base Ethernet.40 Stick amplified GPIO and 4USB 2 ports. In this raspberry Pi Smaller scale SD harbour stacking your working framework and putting away information.

Power supply

This extend utilizes a controlled 5V, 500Ma control supply, 7805 three terminal voltage controllers is utilized for voltage direction. Bridge sort full wave rectifiers is utilized to amend the ac yield of auxiliary of 230/12V step down transformer.

LCD Display

We utilize screen as show. LCD is utilized amid a extend to see the yield of application. LCD can moreover be utilized as a portion of a assignment to check the surrender of different modules interfaces with the raspberry pi module. LAN expect an imperative portion amid a errand to see a abdicate. For ordinary utilize you may have to be interface the Raspberry Pi to a see show a screen or a TV.

I2C serial interface module

I2C module could be a serial convention for two wire interface to joint at a moo speed gadget like micro-controllers, EEPROMs, A/D and D/A converters, I/O interfacing and other comparative peripherals in inserted framework.

Future Scope

In future, a database can be created to store the displayed messages, so that able to keep track of the old messages. It is conceivable to streak an picture rather than content on the off chance that a illustrations LCD screen is joined to the display hub. It will be a pleasant include in case the messages are put away within the database and it can be flashed at predefined time duration. By making utilize of an e-Notice board rather than the traditional notice board we will move towards a greener planet.


In this paper we have displayed a keen e-Notice board which can show the message right away without any delay. It is so much adaptable and the messages can be customized for each show. Too we have a office to send the same message to all the show hubs. It is exceptionally much solid because the intranet associations can be much way better than a GSM based framework. Moreover, as the raspberry Pi3B server is connected to the web, the authorized client can send the data from anyplace. This framework dispenses with the reason of manual show of take note sheets and it can be utilized as a replacement for the ordinary show sheets.


The proposed system was successfully tested to demonstrate its effectiveness and feasibility. This system eliminates the purpose of manual display of notice boards and it can be used as a replacement for the normal display boards.


We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers whose feedback helped us to improve the quality of this paper and respected authors whose paper we referred for our this work.


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