Crime Information and Prediction System.
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Crime Information and Prediction System.

Tushar B. Badewale
Computer Technology
KDK College of Engineering
Nagpur, India

Uddesh B. Jain
Computer Technology
KDK College of Engineering
Nagpur, India

Vaishnavi S. Dumrey
Computer Technology
KDK College of Engineering
Nagpur, India

Vinaya S. Bhat
Computer Technology
KDK College of Engineering
Nagpur, India

Prof. Abhishek Nachankar
Computer Technology
KDK College of Engineering
Nagpur, India


Crime Information and prediction system is an application made exactly for desktop purpose. This software implement certain ways of reporting crimes online such as complaints of kidnapping, harassment, corruption, murder and robbery also show the details about the crimes. Each user first makes their login to server to show their identity. This software keeps the track of reported complaint and gets the specific crime related information very easily. The overall data will be showed in the statically manner. To make crime reporting system more favorable, a software system is originated to take the position, power and command of reporting and analysis crime in a way such that it will be useful to the Police and Public also In this the data which is collected based on that the prediction will be made to analysis which country/city has high crime rate. The current authorization work on paper and pen approach by the use of this software paper work will minimize to the great extent. An online complaint registration system will be very cooperative, which also helps police department catching criminals and taking applicable actions.

Keywords— Crime Information Report: Crime reporting, Statistics, Data Visualization, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Predication.


Crime Information and Prediction system is a platform for reporting crimes online. This can be really helpful for maintaining the crime complaint details of criminals, number of crimes w.r.t any location, etc. Crime is one of the threatening elements for country. Security of citizens is the major responsibility of the police. Crime survey is the activity in which analysis is done on crime activities. So currently society is filled with various kinds of crimes. Hence, generation of database for crimes and criminals is needed. Therefore, establishing a good crime analysis tool to identify crime patterns rapidly and precisely for future crime pattern detection is challenging field. Crime is geographical and it can occur anywhere, anytime for any specific reason. There is various software to help criminal even as a commercial product. Thus, the necessity for developing the software to control such unwilling disasters is increasing day by day. CIPS is completely dependent on crime analysis. Almost 50% of the project lies on analysis of crime. Crime analysis can be defined as a task which involve investigation and identification of crimes and their relationship with criminals. Reporting of crime has long been a authority of news channels and coverage in free press platform, because stories of the crimes are usually news notable. There are several reasons why people should report crime and why people want to read about crime: Readers often want an explanation of why crimes happen. They ask: “Could it happen to me ?” The readers need to know how laws are broken, and how people who break laws are arrested and punished. This helps them to evaluate what laws are and what are the penalties for breaking them. Some crimes may captivate people who obey the laws but who wonder what it might be like to break them. Criminals take risks and face punishment if they are catch. This may make them appetizing to read about.


Crime is the part of human shadowing and need to be supervised. No human civilization has ever been totally gratuitous from crime nor will it be completely. The current crime reporting system is abide with numerous difficulties as there is no instantaneous means of reporting crime other than phone calls, messaging or maybe face-to-face which is usually unmanageable especially where the reporter chooses to keep anonymity. To renew crime reporting system, an online system is upgrade to fully take up the responsibility of reporting crime in a way that will be useful to both police and public. Thus, the more guidance over uncooperative society is desired for an example, in cases which involve murder type of crime the report can include section like:

  • Illustration and Classification of the crime.
  • Its amount of damaged done (e.g. adding picture)
  • Details of the witness (e.g. relation with victim)
  • Victim details.
  • Place of crime.

Many Criminals have expertise in technology which also leans to increase in online crimes such as cyber-crime, hacking, spamming, software piracy, malvertising and many others.


Fig 1.1 Login page

In login page the user will enter its username and password show his/her identity by doing sign in. If not, the user needs to do registration first. At the login page user will get the introduction video from wherein user will get a short idea of our project and the message we are trying to deliver.

Fig 1.2 Registration page

In this user can do registration by entering his/her details like fist name, last name, phone number, username, password and address. By doing this user will get registered to our database and is ready to login to our system.

Fig 1.3 Home page

In home page has been categories into hot news, crime, women safety, add complaint it also has dashboard button which give details about the crime strategies.

Fig 1.4 Hot news

In this page user will get known about the recent crime happened. There is also a next and pervious button.

Fig 1.5 Crime

In crime page there is button of various crime so if the user clicks on the button then the detail information about the crime get displayed i.e. definition of crime, section under that crime. There is also a media gallery it has audios in which it gives demo about fraud calls.

Fig 1.6 Women safety

In this there is given the information about how women safeties like self defence equipment, Emergency number and there is also a video about self-defence techniques. So, if click on safety equipment it will take to the page from which you can purchases this item.

Fig 1.7 Add Complaint

Here the user will enter detail like date and time of incident, state, city, police station, evidence(picture), victim name, suspect relation, suspect detail, suspect identity(photo) and will submit it. Putting evidence is necessary then only complaint will get submitted.

Fig 1.8 Deshboard

Dashboard again is categorized into Data view, Projection View, Bubble view, Map View, Radar view. The data view has the graph which shows the crime rate data from 2005-2018. There is also a pie chart which helps us to compare the crime rate of two countries.

Fig 1.9 Projection View

In projection view country wise crime data is shown in percentage and the projection of the country is shown i.e. highest crime rate in that particular country.

Fig 2.0 Map View

This is a customized map where we can look for state view of any country by just clicking onto a desired county map.


The Proposed system is an application which can be helpful in predicting the crimes that a criminal can do in future. This prediction can be based on the various attributes like criminal record, education, occupation, friend circle, family and family background and various other factors.

Fig 2.1 Data Flow Diagram for Proposed System


In a future addition to our work, we plan to apply more classified modules to increase crime prediction accuracy and to enhance the overall performance. On the other direction, we will be trying to build an Android app for the life capture of the realistic data updating the results by using this new data frequently, that will be helpful in better protection and providing the general information to the public for the awareness of trends in the crime. Predicting Future Crime Spots : By using historical data and observing where recent crime took place we can predict where future crimes will likely happen. Currently in this project it is using device resources but in future cloud technology can be used.


To enhance crime reporting technology a software system is designed to bring all essentials related to crime, reporting and crime information. With the increasing emerging of computerized systems, crime data analyst can help the Law enforcement officer to accelerate the process of solving crimes. The multiple graphical representation of similar datasets which helps user to acknowledged. Maximum amount of information can be communicated in the shortest time. Our software helps to find out crime prone regions in each country on a particular day it will be more accurate if we consider a particular state/region. We generated many graphs and found interesting statistics that showed the baseline to understand every country’s crimes data-sets. There are only newspapers and channels to alert peoples from the crimes, CIPS will help this media to a next level.


After complete the survey, we conclude that in the modern world of transformation & modernization there is need of CIPS for public awareness. This will be beneficial in many aspects. This application used for transforming the raw data into meaningful & crucial information which helps in establishing decisions support system. If the number of grievances from any state is found to be extreme high, extra security must be provided to the resident people by increasing police protection. This application is very useful for investigation agencies also in taking necessary steps to reduce crime.


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