Automatic Light Controlling By Using PIR Sensor
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Automatic Light Controlling By Using PIR Sensor

Vicky Tarare1, Akhil Devghade2, Anuja Thakre3, Shailesh Kurzadkar4
1,2,3Student, Department of Computer Technology KDK College of Engineering Nagpur, India
4Assistant professor KDK College of Engineering Nagpur, India


In This project work PIR (Passive infrared) Motion Sensor Is used which is used as motion detector. If Any Person, Animal or Any Object Comes in the Range of the sensor. Then Automatic Light Switched on. This Can Also use in Automatic Room Light, When Any Person Enter in The Room Then Light Automatic Turn on. If there is No Any Movement or Motion Occur, Then Sensor Give LOW output and Turned Off Because There is No Any Input Of BASE terminal. When any Motion Occur, Then It Detects by Sensor And Its Output Is High. Because The Output is high and it Turns ON and Relay is activated. As Relay is activates the Light connected with this will Switched ON.

Keywords: Arduino, PIR Sensor.


Project represents automatic lighting and also design using PIR motion sensor. By using this we can minimize the consumption of electrical power. Low availability of Power is one of the most common problems in Bangladesh. With the help of the sensors we can control the wastage of electrical power or saving our generated power. PIR is one of the type of sensor that gives us signal when anything crosses its rays. It is an electronic sensor and it calculates infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in there filed. It is a chipper device used to detect a change in motion in its surroundings within different range of radius. A PIR motion sensor is used to sense movement of person, animals, and other objects. It can also helpful in the security systems. In many offices there are unnecessarily lights kept switched on for the whole night and day. But if we use the sensor then only when the motion will detect it give signal and the lights will be switched on. The whole process can be controlled by using microcontroller


Jaeseok Yun and Sang-Shin Lee has proposed that, the distance of the body from the PIR sensor, the direction and speed of movement, the body shape and gait. In that project, he present an empirical study of human movement detection and identification using a set of PIR sensors. Saravana Kumar K , Priscilla P, Germiya K Jose , Balagopal G also proposed that, she using a PIR sensor to find the direction of movement by the concepts of polarization [1]. other technique which is used by PIR sensors along with Symbolic and Dynamic Filtering on seismic wave, from these seismic waves the features were extracted using SDF and checked if presence is of vehicle or animal/human


  • With the help of this system, users don’t have to turn ON the light. Once users entered the room, light will turn ON automatically. It is convenient to the old people and some handicapped people who are sitting on the wheelchair. And also the kids will not fall down and get injure when they are go to toilet at night.
  • It prevents wastage of energy as a result of employees forgetting to switch the lights off in the office.


Automatic Lights controlling System using Arduino is a very useful project as you need not worry about turning on and off the switches every time you want to turn on the lights. The main components of the Automatic Room Lights project are Arduino, PIR Sensor and the less power supply.


1.1 PIR Sensor: it is an electronic sensor it measures light radiation which are comes under the field called as passive infrared sensor. They are most often used in PIR-base motion detectors.

1.2 Arduino Uno: Arduino is an open source c single-board microcontrollers which is ATmega328P it has 14digital input/output pins from which 6 is used for PWM power supply for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical and digital world.

1.3 Circuit Design: PIR Sensor’s Data OUT Pin is connected to Arduino’s Digital I/O Pin 2. An LED is connected to pin 13 and GND of Arduino to indicate whether the light is turned ON or OFF. The vcc pin of PIR sensor is connected to the 5V of arduino. The GND pin of PIR sensor is connected to the GND pin of arduino Be careful when connecting this part of the project




Initially, if there is no human movement means the PIR Sensor doesn’t detect any person and its OUT pin stays LOW. When the person enter in the room, the infrared radiation in the room will be detected by the PIR Sensor. result of which the output of the PIR Sensor becomes HIGH. Since the Data OUT of the PIR Sensor is connected to Digital Pin 2 of Arduino, whenever the pin is HIGH, Arduino will activated .This will turn the Light ON. The light stays turned ON as long as continuously movement detected by the sensor. If the person takes leave from the room, the IR Radiation will become stable (there will be no change) and hence, the Data OUT of the PIR Sensor will become LOW. This will makes the Arduino to turn OFF the relay (the relay pin is HIGH) and the room light will be turned OFF.


The project aims were to save the electricity and establish a system that control the room electricity according to human need .The output of the PIR sensor become high sense thee data out of the pir sensor is connected to 2 pin of arduino will activate and turn the light ON. When any Motion Occur, Then It Detects by Sensor And Its Output Is High. Because The Output Is HIGH, The Transistor Gets High input at BASE and it Turns ON.


From this project we conclude that this method is taken to control automatic light with the help of various devices and the user was informed about the entry of the person through a PIR SENSOR at the receiver. We have done coding in such a way that little movement of the human is detected by the sensor. In this system we have put some amount of time delay and adjusted the sampling period for the sensor output for the precise detection.


In our projet we are take the decision based on Human presence and can also interface LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Sensor and Temperature sensor for better working of the system. This system can be also interfaced with the wirelessly.


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