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Rohit Shende1, Vaishnavi Kalbande2, Minal Bhambore3, Anjali Sangode4, Prof. Rajendra Khule5
1Student, 2Student, 3Student, 4Student, 5Professor
Department of Electronics
K.D.K College of Engineering, Nagpur, M.H, India


Water is the most vital role within regular life. The water metering system is employed to manage the water within the house to control the water wastage. Water use for people can be measured by a municipal corporation. Any leak on your plumbing will be arduous to notice. Sewer leaks will typically be mistaken for a leak on a water line. A sewer leak on your drain line can even injury your property. Standing or ponding water from leaky sewer pipes also are a risk to you and to your entire family and often goes misdiagnosed. By fitting this sensor at various places, the area of water leakage can be identified and solved.

Key Words: Arduino, Flow sensor, GSM Module.


Water is an incredibly necessary supply in life. Healthy rivers carry water to homes, farms and college businesses. On the manner, they nourish entire ecosystems and supply necessary home ground for native plants and animals. Water helps the surroundings to revive an additional natural flow regime to rivers, creeks-wetlands. Water for the environment is employed to focus on specific outcomes for plants or animals providing the proper quantity of water at the right time for them to feed, breed and grow. It is an essential tool to support the health of rivers in doing thus support the communities that depend on them. Water that supports the health of the watercourse in order that will successively offer human wants. Water for the surroundings is important to maintain a healthy, productive and resilient stream system for the good thing about plants, animals and other people. Usable water includes underground aquifers and aboveground rivers, lakes, streams, marshes, comprising solely. 63% of the overall water present on the earth. Water that’s moving is higher than the stagnant water found from public water sources. Turbulent water contains considerable gas and minerals and it’s extremely energized. The irregular monitoring has a contribution to the block of the drainage that imply to the salutation that trigger flooding within the neighborhood. Manual watching is also incompetent. It wants plenty of dedicated persons who are solely able to record restricted reports with low accuracy. The problem arises in such drain lines that can cause serious problems to the daily routine of town. Problems like blockage because of waste matter and sudden increase within the water level and if the correct improvement actions don’t seem to be taken time to time result in producing huge harmful gases. Today’s drainage system isn’t computerized because that it’s exhausting to know if a blockage is going on a particular location.


Wemer-Allen,…,[1] presented of WSN on varied applications areas like transference, logistics, environmental and surrounding watching, security and oversight, industrial, automation, military, agriculture, and health-related works have been reported.

Basha,…,[2] analyze the use of WSN to monitor volcanic activities.

Wirawam,…,[3]papered predictive flood detection system mistreatment IOT are enforced in streams like Central American nation and different rivers.

Yuwat, et, al…,[4]represents WSN will be helpful in the style of environmental watching systems in developing countries. Designed a prophetical disaster and alert generation system to provide weather info and early alerts. Smart town infrastructure may be in terms of traffic signals, sensors, active lanes, communication.

Retno Tri Wahyuni,…,[5]proposed sensible devices once integrated into the city’s infrastructure through the effective preparation of ICT, will build a life in a very town a lot easier. In this paper, we tend to look sensible period drain monitoring system mistreatment varied sensors like blockage and gas detector. This can enhance early flood detection. The gas sensors are wont to live the number of varied hazardous gases by that drain employees will take precautions whereas coming into manholes. The blockage sensors can notice the blockage within the sewer lines and provides the first alarms so we can clean it as early as attainable.


Fig-1: Block Diagram of Underground Drainage Monitoring System

An drainage monitoring system will not only help in maintaining the proper health and safety of the city but also in reducing the work of government. Flow sensors are interfaced with Arduino in order to make the system smart. When the sensors reach the threshold level, the indication of that particular value and sensor is being sent to the arduino. Manhole to the municipal corporation through GSM and GPS and the officials could easily locate which manhole is having the problem and could take proper steps. It will calculate the water flow rate for every second through a water flow sensor and the readings will display in the serial monitor. GSM will send a message to mobile phone. By this, officers can immediately check through the place where the water block has happened.


Arduino is an open-source, PC paraphernalia and programming organization and client group that plans and produce microcontroller packs for constructing programmed devices and intelligent object that can detect and control questions in the real world. The inception of the Arduino extends began at the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. The equipment reference plans are appropriated under a Creative Commons.

Fig-2: Arduino

3.2Flow sensor:

The water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a hall-effect sensor. When water flows through the rotor, rotor rolls. Its speed changes with a different rate of flow. The hall-effect sensor outputs the corresponding pulse signal. This one is suitable to detect flow in a water dispenser or coffee machine.


  • Compact, Easy to Install
  • High Sealing Performance
  • High Quality Hall Effect Sensor
  • R0HS Compliant
Fig-3: Flow sensor
Fig-4: Bread board

3.3 Bread board and Jump wires:

A modern non-solder breadboard consists of a perforated block of plastic with numerous tin-plated phosphor bronze or nickel silver alloy spring clips under the perforations. Interconnecting wires and the leads of discrete components (such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors) can be inserted into the remaining free holes to complete the circuit. A breadboard is utilized to build and test circuits expeditiously afore finalizing any circuit design. The breadboard has many apertures into which route components like ICs and resistors can be connected. Jump wires are generally used to establish connectivity with breadboard as shown in figure 5.

Fig-5: Jump wires

3.4 GSM:

GSM were meant to be a secure wireless module. It’s thought about the user authentication employing a pre-shared key and challenge-response and over the air secret writing. GSM module is used to establish communication between a computer and a GSM system. Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is an used for mobile communication in most of the states. Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an extension of GSM that enables a higher data transmission rate. GSM/GPRS module consists of a GSM/GPRS modem assembled together with power supply circuit and communication interfaces for the computer.

Fig-6: GSM

4. Experiment and Results:

The IOT based water monitoring data are analyzed to measure their performance metric in terms of accuracy as well as response time. For the system to be effective, the data readings are taken in the real-time that is the readings are obtained for every second. It will calculate the water flow in milliliter for every second.

Fig-7: Code for water flow sensor
Fig-8: Code
Fig-9: GSM result

The above result, how to communicate with the user that will be used to identify the status of water flow through the message. This will be used to locate the place where the blockage of water happens. So it very easy to clear the water block in drainage. This helps the user in continuously knowing the status of the water level.


Underground observance is difficult nowadays. This project proposes totally different ways of observance and managing the underground system. It explains varied applications like underground maintenance and monitoring in real-time. The Arduino, Water flow sensor and Global System for Mobile (GSM) are being monitored and updated on the Internet of Things. This permits the person in change to require the actions concerning the identical web mistreatments. Also, real-time updates on the web that helps in maintaining and checking that will reduce and avoid the hazards. Through this method, the officers will keep track of the levels of pollution occurring within the drainage and send an immediate message to the officers. This can help in preventing diseases caused by contaminated water. Fast actions may be taken to curb extreme levels of pollution. To fix these critical issues the system has been proposed for drainage monitoring using IOT, data acquisition can be done in a parallel way by detecting the Water flow sensor, Global System for Mobile. In this way, it reduces the wastage of water and diseases.


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