Robotic Arms Controlling Through Laptop Using Wi-Fi
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Robotic Arms Controlling Through Laptop Using Wi-Fi

Devyani Sakhare#1, Meenal Khobragade#2, Rupali Kodape#3, Abhisheh Waghmare#4
# Guru Nanak institute of Engineering and Technology .Nagpur. India.
Faculty of information technology , RTMNU


The Robot is the most effective technology in industrial applications where it is specially designed to be used in manufacturing industries for pick and place functions. This will reduce the human efforts in industrial operations in lifting the objects. The robotic movements and its functionality can be controlled by the Desktop application. WI-FI module will be connected to the robotic system for communicating between the web application and robot. The microcontroller used in it receives the commands from the desktop application through WI-FI connected to it and controls the DC and servo motors connected to the robotic arm. The input to the robot will be give through keys and there will be grab and release button. For picking the object we will use grab button and for making it free we will use release button .The Servo motor we are using in arms is for deflection and for the various angle movement of robotic arm. The mobile camera we are using to detect where the object is and detect the location, we can implement any different camera for monitoring.

Keywords – Wi-Fi module, atmega8, microcontroller, wireless communication


A robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move the parts, items and many special things based on a programmatical motion to perform different task. Robots these days are widely used to do jobs that need high accurateness, and they are used in situations that are dangerous on humans, like defusing bombs. Robotics is concerned with the study of machines that can displace human beings in implementing processes, in physical activity and decision making. Study of robots was based on three fundamental laws; first one that robot does not cause injure to humans, or cause any kind of harm. Second one, robot must comply with the orders given by humans of course take in mind the first law when comply with the order. Last one, robots must shelter its occurring, take in mind first and second laws. [Smartphone or Laptop considers these days a very important device in life]. In this system we are implementing a robotic manipulator which can hold a small items with its arms and place them according to the given control command by the user. The most advance and outstanding aspect in our robotic system is its remote control with desktop application.

Robot is an integral part in automating the flexible manufacturing system that one greatly in demand these days. Robots are now more than a machine, as robots have become the solution of the future as cost labour wages and customers’ demand. Even though the cost of acquiring robotic system is quite expensive but as today’s rapid development and a very high demand in utility with IS0 (International Standard Organization) standards, human are no longer capable of such demands. Research and development of future robots is at a very rapid once due to the constantly improving and upgrading of the quality standards of products.


We have decided our project based on robotics because in various previous projects there are some advanced features which are missing. So, in we found that in previous project they have not implemented some of the advanced features of Wi-Fi and connectivity between robot and laptop.

In these papers there are many advantage and disadvantages. In first paper of they have used Bluetooth module as HC-05 for connectivity of robot with a Smartphone. Also they have used android application for acceleration and deceleration, but not for a particular direction (i.e. left or right). In second paper, they used HC-06 Bluetooth module for connectivity. Also they have built application of android by providing separate buttons for all direction.. They also not used an advance technology called Wi-Fi for connectivity and communication which can increase a range to long extent. Wi-Fi is better than Bluetooth because range of Bluetooth is up to 80 feet and range of Wi-Fi is more, but it is complex to setup connection between the robot and laptop. The advantage in this paper is that they are using camera connecting with network we are using this technology by connecting camera with Wi-Fi.

Figure 1 shows the overall setup of the robotic arm controlled by the personal computer via a wireless system.

The wifi code as follow which communicate between robotic system and desktop:-

#define F_CPU 16000000 #include
#include “usart.h”
#include “lcd.h”
char x[2];
int i=0;
if (x[0]==’$’)
if (x[i]==’!’)

int main(void)



The RF transmitter will receive the signals from the output which has been written in Visual Basic language via the interface unit between computer and the transmitter . The robot arm has some segments and each segment is tied with servo motor. There are 5 movements of the robot which comprises the BASE for horizontal, arms & shoulder for vertical movements and gripper.


The system architecture consists of the main parts included in our robotic system. The microcontroller in the system used is Atmega-8 microcontroller which has 23 programmable input/output pins which can be used for interfacing with external world. It is possible to configure them as input or output by setting a particular register value through programming. The micro-controller will do all the controlling operations of the robotic system such as wheel control, pick and place, moving instructions Text Font of Entire Document etc. The Servo and DC motors are connected with robotic arm for open, close of the arm and also moving up and down the robotic arm. A Servo motor is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allow for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. The motor is paired with some type of encoder to provide position and speed feedback. The system uses a Smartphone with camera for continuous real time video streaming of the system and its surroundings. An IP-based Desktop application, running on the Smartphone enables the system to transmit the real time video wirelessly.


The Robotic arm working starts from getting the instruction from Desktop application. The Desktop application consists of dedicated buttons to move the robot according to our requirement. As well, there will be buttons to control the functionality of arms. The WI-FI module is interfaced with microcontroller and connected to Laptop via WI-FI. While pressing the corresponding button in the application, the application will send an ASCII command to the WI-FI module, the controller will compare the receive characters and perform the corresponding functions on the wheels and robotic arm. For example, if the user pressed a forward button in the application, it will send an ASCII character to the WI-FI module, the microcontroller compares the received character in programming, if it is matched then it will give the corresponding logic voltage levels to the port pins. fig of wifi module:-


The Robotic arm contol through laptop will be a smart robotic implementation in the field of robotics.Although this research is still in an early stage of development, it has already proven to succeed in several of its goals It has proven to allow for meaningful two -way communication between the Laptop and the robot which would allow a non -expert to interact with and adjust the functionality of a system which uses ATmega8 controller, a single board micro-controller intended to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible. Thus we have study that Robotic Arm can be easily controlled through WIFI and it is user friendly. The implementation of the camera will also very easy and we can easily overcome the problems in which we have found in our researched papers .


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