“Site for JIT Management Resource”
Volumn 3

“Site for JIT Management Resource”

1.Monali Gulhane

(Professor at  CSE  Department  Jhulelal Institute of Technology)

2.Divya Motwani 3.Neha Hariyani 4.Manisha Pandey

(Students of  Computer Science &Engineering at Jhulelal Institute of Technology)


In this paper we are developing JIT College ERP Web Application .Below details consist of full explanation of project along with college management modules explained further. This web will be accessible throughout the institution. This is basically for engineering college.this project proceeds through registration of students and staff meanwhile all the details will be controlled by admin .admin will also be able to create subadmins. After registration students and staff will be able to perform multiple functions regarding institution and their education  like listed below in introduction


JIT ERP is a college erp project .ERP is nothing but enterprise resource planning where it constitutes of entire management of a corporation company or an institute.erp constitutes of management of entire small small functionalities of an organisation .so our constitutes of entire management of our college ie Jhulelal Institute of technology and architecture.entire management envolves main  modules of student ,staff and admin .these modules consist of submodules like of student there are submodules of admission,information gathering ,feedback,check notification&future modules.Staff modules consist of submodules of manage attendance,manage departmental task,contact admin,manage student info,future modules.Admin module consist of submodules of subadmin creation,manage masters,approval ,notify,generate timetable,manage department ,manage faculty, transportation ,faculty, future modules.our project frontend  is in visual studio 8.0,backend  is my sql server. We are using asp.net for designing and c#.net for coding  purpose.  

Literature Survey/Related Work

  • A Research paper on International Journal of  Engineering and Computer Science ISSN: 2319-7242 Volume 5 Issue 5 May 2016. Page No. 16518-16528. The title of the paper was Development of campsy mobile android application and the Author of the paper were  Dev Balloni (Assistant professor), Jyotsna, Minakshi Mandoli, Pawitra Kathait, Saumya Nautiyal  
  • It advantages are User Friendly interface.  Functionality is easy.  Easy to handle and feasible.  Easy to operate.  Cost reduction. Fast and convenient   
  • It Disadvantages are  takes a lot of time. It is very difficult to search a particular website.Complicated Procedure.  
  • Another survey on International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) Vol-01, Issue 02, May 2015. The Title of the paper was College ERP system and the Author were Sagar Pawar, Gaurav Geet, Pavan Sonawane, Chetan B. Barhate .
  • It advantages are High volumes of data can be stored with case.  Maintenance of file is efficient and flexible. Records are always updated.  
  • It Disadvantages are Delay in retrieving information.  Problem for keeping the data. Not proper retrieval of information.    

Advantages of our System

  • User friendly.
  • Easy to operate &access.
  • Multifunctionality system.
  • Minimized paper work .
  • Minimized manual work.
  • Easy gathering of data for multiple data available on single place.


  • Retrieving a particular data  takes time    when the website is heavily loaded.
  • Problem for keeping the data.
  • Less security provided

Proposed plan of work

The modules that are included in JIT ERP system   are explained further:

  • Admin Module:
    In this module we will provide admin login . If necessary then admin can create sub admins. This module deals mainly with Admission: This mainly deals registering the students/staff and assigning them with a login id and password.
    • Accounts: This keeps track of the financial details of the college. 
    • Hostel: It gives information about the college hostel for both boys and girls. 
    • Bus Routes: This maintains the route details of the buses.
  • Student Module:
    Student login will be provided in this module .Then after student is logged in student admission form will be opened accordingly so that student can see his entire submitted information  in the college & will be able access data according to requirements of students. This module gives information about,
    • Profile: This provides personal details of the student. 
    • Attendance: This provides the student with his/her
    • attendance details. 
    • Marks: This provides the internal/external marks of a student. 
    • Feedback: This feature enables the student to provide feedbacks to the management.
    • Remarks: It contains the remarks written by the faculties about a student. 
    • Change Password: Provides the student to change his/her password.
  • Staff Module:
    This module deals mainly with,
    • Profile: This provides personal details of the staff.
    • Attendance: This provides the staff with his/her attendance details.
    • Salary: This provides the staff with his/her salary details.
    • Feedback: This feature enables the staff to provide feedbacks to the management.
    • View Student Details: This provides the staff to view the student details
    • Fees Management Module:This will include all data and management regarding fees of students . Fees will include multiple different entities for category, ,admission type ,scholarship etc.
  • Training and placement module:
    This will include all data related training and    placements.linking of data with multiple departments data.
  • Library module:
    All data regarding library will be included in it.
  • Faculty management module:
    Faculty login will be provided in it. All data   regarding faculty will be stored in it.
  • Transport Module:
    Transport related data like bus etc will be  stored in it.
  • Admission Module:
    Admission forms and all admission related data regarding certificates will be handled by this.
  • Time table management module:
    Management of time tables will be done by this.

Implementation Details

There are basically three modules admin,student & staff. So homepage will be the first page of our project it will consist student ,staff ,visitor  registeration . & student,staff , visitor, admin login.

Admin will go through his login and then can see entire college information .entire functioning of data & modules. Entire college student as well as staff data handling, handling class lectures and syllabus of different standards etc .

Staff will do his registration and will complete his profile after registeration.and will handle departmental task like feedback, attendance, result analysis, notifications for students, timetable handling, handling class lectures and syllabus of different standards etc

Student will also register and move towards profile completion for admission in college .afterwards can access data according to his requirement like fees structure, notification collection timetable collection, attendance viewing, detention list, picnic tours ,feedback  ,marks in papers ,fine  etc.


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