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Dynamic Mobile App Creator


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A direct user or any company may involve an App developer to build their required app. So, instead of making a huge expense of engaging an app developer, the company or the direct user can benefit by customizing their own app. This paper has proposed a website which permitted the user to create their own app automatically in just minimum 2 hours by following some simple steps.


Now a days Mobile applications are becoming very popular due to its advantages and its being widely used. These mobile Applications can also be used for personal purpose. Some of the benefits of the Mobile Applications are – filling forms, making payment of electricity bill, finding professionals around your area, networking, pregnancy due date calculator and many more other uses which are easily possible using mobile applications. There are some tools available on internet which can be considered for creating own mobile app. These tools are not only freely and easily available but also provide the application with attractive UI and can also be used to modify an existing app. The app can be created in short duration using these free tools.


Android is the open source platform that depends only on Linux. Android give common services to mobile devices. Android provides abstraction between mobile hardware and higher level device applications, memory and process management, network and driver model. Mobile apps  can  be – native apps, web apps, hybrid apps. Native apps that are access through icons and live on the mobile device. These apps can be installed through application store. Web apps are not real applications but it appears like native application however they are not implemented as such. They are run by the browser and typically written in HTML5. e.g Newspaper apps like Times of India, Financial Times etc. Hybrid apps are part of native apps and part web apps. They have the functionality of both. Some examples of android apps are Facebook, Whatsapp,  Instagram, You Tube etc. The native app has been considered as the best method to build all the above mentioned three processes. These applications run faster but are bit expensive. If the company or direct user intend to build their own app, they could do it on their own. Rather than hiring a developer to create an app for them by spending huge amount, they could utilize this platform to build their own app by just following simple steps and by clicking few buttons. This paper provides the solution on how a user can create their own mobile app automatically without having any programming knowledge and any coding skills.


The mobile app development technologies are fairly recent. In order to establish a mature technology, different ideas are being sought and experimented by majority of the developers in the industry on an ongoing basis. 

Below is a list of some websites and technical paper which have already proposed and completed the work for developing cross platform mobile application:

1. Apply Pie : 

Appy Pie is a website that allows users to create their own mobile app simply by clicking the button or content that is provided in the website. Appy Pie was launched on 14 April

2013. It allows the user to create their own app, at low cost with attractive themes. 

Features: Coding skills are not required to develop the mobile application. Client can publish their app on Store, Google etc, Send Push Notifications, Build the app in just few hours.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantages are that it provides limited themes, doesn’t allow to customize the app in their own way, require internet to access the app, expensive plans, Apps are just the templates.

2. App Presser :

App Presser is a website that allows user to create native mobile app from Word Press site and publish this app to the Store and Google P lay. Use plugins like Woo Commerce and Buddy Press for building your app in Word Press Unlimited Customization, you own and host your app. But it has some disadvantages i.e Not easy for non-developers. Not as good with offline, Higher upfront costs. 

Features: It allow users to access Camera, contact and many more features. It has the potential to expand the Word Press as an application platform. User can publish app on Store Google.

3. Appery.io :

This Company provides the user to create hybrid and mobile web app which function directly in the browser via our visual App Builder. The application is supported by multiple operating system and has the drag and drop cloud based platform. It appeals to Novice Users as well as Experienced Programmers.


It offers On-Site Tutorials. Simply drag and drop, no coding skill required.  The Appery.io Platform provides a cloud database to store any app data.

4.  Cross platform Mobile Applications  Development by Norwegian University of Science and Technology:

Cross platform Mobile Applications Development by Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering. They have released a paper which proposes a platform-independent framework for smartphone application development. 

Platform independent means that for executing the program it does not provide any restriction by the type of OS  provided.


Although there are many cross platform mobile application development sites available on the internet, however each website have its own pros and cons within them. Some websites allows full freedom for customization to build your own app but with that feature and facility there are some constraints for the end users. For example if the user wants to build their app in their own way, the user must have some coding skills due to which they will be able to validate their app however it does increase the cost of the app.

On the other hand, some websites offers template apps where the user can select their own themes and design. The purpose of this project is to overcome all these problems and provides the best possible outcome to the users. This project gives the facility to create apps with nominal cost and the full freedom to customize their app in their own way. The user can request the administration team by only one click about the type of validation they want in there app at any point. After creating the app and installing it on the mobile if the user wants to change its theme or any change any setting in their app, the user is free to do so and can get their new app with the changes. The user will get access to all these features only after completing the registration on the website. The user will not be able to access the website through computers or laptops. If the user opens the website on mobiles they won’t be able to get the expected result or output. This is the cloud based portal the user wants in their app will be stored on cloud. When the user creates their own account, their apps will be maintained on their account with the options for changing their setting or to change their payment plan and so on. The resources required for this project will be the android environment, server for storing the data and themes and all customization options, online web portal for the user through which the user can create their own app by choosing the options or things they want in their app.

The user will have to follow three steps to create their own app.

Step 1: The first step is ’Selection’. In this step the user will have to enter the app name and select the required category for the app.

Step 2: The second step is ‘Design’. This step allows the user to select the theme they want; add the number of activities with their names and the contents to their activities.

Step 3: The third and the last step is ‘Build’. In this step the user will have to either signup or have to login (if already registered) to generate the app of his choice. The user information will be stored in the database.

Once the necessary information is provided by the user, the user is entered for the app i.e. from app name to the contents of the activities, all of which will be stored in the database. When the data gets stored in the database, the console application will get executed at the server side. This console application will read the data from the database for the requested app and will add the contents to the project folder. After adding all the contents the batch file will be called to generate the app. Windows services are used to monitor all the background operations. After the generation of the app, this app will be send to the user dashboard on the website and also the link of the app will be send either on the user email or through text message to direct download the app on the mobile.

Flow Chart:

Fig1 : System Flow Chart


The project is about an online app development portal which allows the user to create their own app and customize it in their own way by just following some basic steps.

The project is developed using the JavaScript, HTML and CSS for the designing of web application. The server is used to receive and read the user parameter, return the app to the user dashboard and Windows Services and Command prompt is used to create the android app. 

Flow Chart: Client

Fig2 : Client Module Flow Chart

Client Module Flow Chart Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android platform development. It is used to generate the layout design and the themes the user wants in there app. It also contains the various different of java and xml files for the layouts which will be already defined and the user need to only select what type of tools he want in the app and what he doesn’t want. Windows Services is a computer program which monitor the folder in the system. To keep track which file has been created, deleted, renamed or copied, the window service can be used to monitor on the specific folder. Batch File is a kind of script file in Dos and Windows. It consists of the set of commands to be executed by the command line that is stored in the plain text file. In this project the batch file is used to copy the file from one location to another. Command Prompt is used to build the android project by using the android commands.

Flow Chart: SERVER:

Fig3 :Server Module Flow Chart


We created the propose system to provide the own created apps to the user at a cheaper  rates and with the self customization options.


The project is allowing the user to create their own apps after following the few steps. It also allows the user to customize their app in the way the user wants other than the ones which are being provided at the website. The app creation is done at very cheaper cost which will be affordable by every individual. End users can create their own App. Application such as map activities, information, business, education etc.


After doing some survey about the already available on the internet for the cross platform mobile application development, we designed the portal that allows the user to create their own app at very low cost.  For accessing this website the user need to login the portal. After login, the user has to follow some steps to create its app and will get the app ready in minimum of 2 hours.


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  9. https://www.appsgeyser.com
  10. http://www.adianteapps.com/info/make-your-online-shop-app

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