Data Protection & device locating mechanism for Android System
Volumn 3

Data Protection & device locating mechanism for Android System

Prashant Kumar, Gunjan Chaudhari, Ankit Kumar, Sushant Jha and Nishant Kumar

Guided by Prof. S.P. Chhaware

Computer Technology Dept, Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur


An anti-theft device is any tool or method used to save you or determine the unauthorized appropriation of objects considered precious. Robbery is one of the most not unusual and oldest criminal behavior. Here we proposed system that track out the location of the phone and enables us to remotely erase the data when the phone is stolen. This system is GPS enabled android mobile phone whose location is tracked. Our application provides the functionality of defining the geo-fence areas as safe, risky and highly risky. 

Keywords: GPS, GPS-Tracking, Mobile Device Security, Registration, Remote Deletion


Smartphones are gambling an increasingly vital function in our everyday life to get right of entry to private and corporate email, put together tax returns, and evaluation patron files, etc. Clever phones provide huge non-risky memory to shop private and touchy statistics inclusive of SMS (quick message provider) messages, photographs, credit score card records and social protection numbers, consumer names and passwords. The recognition of cell gadgets raises extreme and but unsolved issues, mainly with appreciate to information security on stolen or misplaced gadgets. From the mid-1990s many crimes have declined notably, but the robbery of cellular phones has become an increasingly extreme problem. Once a phone is misplaced, its sensitive statistics can be compromised via at once breaking into the phone gadget or connecting the telephone to a computer as an external USB storage.

Numerous GPS-based monitoring systems have been successfully deployed and applied in diverse programs together with fleet and car vicinity identification, and in direction steerage. Recently, systems that combine GPS and GSM technologies

With GOOGLE earth to provide actual-time records have also been proposed. However, for indoors and closed environments GPS structures fall short and it turns into hard to acquire the vital satellites for correct function computation.

A number of smartphone wipe-out mechanisms have been developed to delete the sensitive data from lost smartphones. One solution is to automatically delete the sensitive data after a number of failed authentication tries. But, it could cause unintentional facts deletion whilst the proprietor forgets the password or a person performs with some other’s cellphone. Faraway wipe-out mechanisms allow owners to remotely delete the sensitive information by way of sending a wipe-out command to the misplaced devices through the internet or SMS. Alas, sophisticated adversaries can defeat all existing far flung wipe-out

On this paper, we broaden a far off wipe-out mechanism that allow proprietors to remotely wipe out a smartphone even if Wi-Fi is unavailable and the SIM card has been unplugged. The primary concept is permit the cellphone use to acquire remote commands thru messaging.


We shall be reviewing the following material for the Majority of our guidance along with the vision of our Project Guide. [1] Android security internals: An in-depth guide to Android Security Architecture, by Nikolay Elenkov, to understand the pre-requisites of Android Security. [2] Android Security: Attacks and Defenses, by Anmol Mishra. [3] Hello Android, by Ed Burnette, for understanding the basics of Android App Development. [4] Introduction to GPS: The Global Positioning System, by Ahmed-El Rabbany, to get acquainted with the GPS device requirements. 



  • The software offer the capability to     mechanically send a message to registered customers with cellular’s present day location after consumer configured time C program language period even though the SIM is removed the use of the new allotted SIM.
  • We advise a far off wipe-out framework that enables the owner to remotely wipe the facts on a cellphone despite the fact that the adversary gets rid of the SIM card.


To guard sensitive facts on stolen smartphones, numerous anti-robbery schemes have been proposed. Supplied an android-based scheme referred to as clean OS, which identifies and tracks touchy information in ram and on strong storage, encrypts them with a key, and evicts that key to the cloud while the records isn’t in energetic use on the device. But, clean OS requires network connectivity with the cloud all of the time. Similarly, ion et al located that most users do now not agree with the cloud provider. As a domestic-based scheme, avinash et al proposed a pin-based totally prolonged protection mechanism for ios gadgets that can be wiped out routinely after a certain variety of try screw ups. Regrettably, this can motive unintended deletion.

Kuppusamy et al proposed a model to control a stolen cellphone remotely thru SMS. But, it’s far challenge to the removal of the SIM card. Every other faraway manipulate machine, proposed by means of joe et al. Communicates with far flung gadgets thru the net. But, none of those answers can communicate with a phone with neither the SIM card nor the Wi-Fi connection.

To enhance the privacy and protection of misplaced and stolen smartphones, numerous anti-theft programs exist and help increase put up-theft facts control, such as discover my iphone of iCloud, Avast free cellular safety, Norton mobile security . All these apps support remotely wiping the facts on an on-line stolen or misplaced smartphone. However, all of them rely on the internet connection primarily based on the Wi-Fi or the records provider from cellular network.


Unique SMS, together with Avast unfastened cell safety and Norton mobile security [. All SMS-based totally solutions handiest work on a cellphone with the SIM card plugged; however, considering the fact that most devices or facts thieves have a tendency to without delay disable the Wi-Fi and eliminate the SIM card, those solutions cannot assure to wipe out the sensitive information remotely. They required the following.


Global Positioning Gadget (GPS) is a international navigation satellite TV for pc gadget (GNSS) advanced with the aid of the us department of defense. It’s far the simplest absolutely useful GNSS inside the international. It makes use of a constellation of among 24 and 32 medium earth orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, which permit GPS receivers to decide their modern vicinity, the time, and their speed. Its legitimate name is navstar GPS. GPS is often used by civilians as a navigation machine. A GPS receiver calculates its position by way of precisely timing the indicators sent by means of the GPS satellites excessive above the earth. Every satellite always transmits messages containing the time the message become despatched, specific orbital statistics, and the overall device fitness and difficult orbits of all gps satellites

In trendy, a GPS receiver makes use of records from the GPS satellites orbiting the earth to calculate its present day area. The GPS device carries 27 satellites that constantly orbit the earth, transmitting records to would-be receivers. Each satellite TV for pc follows a described direction, ensuring that at the least four satellites are “visible” from any factor on the earth at any given time. Being capable of have a “line of sight” to at least four satellites is important to decide location using GPS. Determine 1 suggests a depiction of the GPS satellite TV for pc constellation.

Each GPS satellite in the constellation continuously transmits its contemporary role (ephemeris statistics) and almanac statistics. The almanac records includes information about every satellite inside the constellation, such as orbiting data as well as records about the overall state of the system as a whole. To mention it every other way, ephemeris statistics is information approximately a unmarried satellite TV for pc, and almanac facts is facts approximately every satellite. Every satellite transmits both. Though each the ephemeris records and almanac statistics provide place facts for a given satellite TV for pc, the ephemeris information gives accuracy for region calculation.

To calculate its location, a GPS receiver have to be capable of determine its distance from a couple of satellites. It does this the use of the ephemeris facts. Protected within the records this is transmitted from the satellite tv for pc, along with the placement information, is the time at which the transmission began. Every GPS satellite incorporates exceptionally accurate timekeeping mechanism that permits the satellite T.V. for pc to keep its time in sync with the rest of the satellites. To supply an accurate location calculation, the GPS satellites and GPS receivers ought to have their clocks exceptionally synchronized. Even the slightest distinction in time can motive huge mistakes whilst computing region. Using the transmission start time, the GPS receiver can calculate the time it took for the transmission to be received (the receiver knows whilst the transmission ended). This calculation is made with the assumption that the radio waves that transmit the facts journey at the velocity of light in a vacuum (which is not continually the case). Using the begin time, cease time, and a regular for the rate of mild, a GPS receiver can calculate the gap of the satellite tv for pc from the receiver. The use of the distance from more than one satellites, the GPS receiver can triangulate its current location. Basically, the factor at which all the spheres intersect is the region of the receiver. Not less than 3 satellites is needed to decide a -dimensional vicinity (range and longitude).


To offer touchy facts safety for a stolen cellphone without the SIM card and the Wi-Fi connection, we put forward a far flung wipe-out mechanism. Our proposed mechanism allows customers to far flung manipulate their stolen phones through the emergency name channel, which in our opinion is the most effective verbal exchange channel between this kind of phone and the outside.

To remotely wipe touchy facts on a stolen smartphone, the owner interacts with the provider issuer as follows:

  1. The proprietor subscribes to the far off wipe-out provider from the carrier issuer and registers his/her telephone earlier than it’s far stolen. After a successful registration, the carrier issuer information the IMEI variety of the phone inside the IMEI database and marks its nation as every day.
  2. The owner reports the loss and asks for erasing the records on the tool, as soon as he realizes the misplaced of the phone. After authenticating the consumer, the service provider tags the remotely wiped out thru other contemporary existing mechanisms.

We intend to expand an software which tracks the mobiles vicinity and an alert message is sent to the quantity that’s registered for receiving the alert message. The authorized user is then get the region of the android phone and is given a password which enables him/her to remotely erase the records.

step 1. Installation software.

step 2. Input the username.

step 3. Enter trade smartphone quantity

step 4. Input the email id.

step 5. Enter the password for whole the registration.

step 6. Login.

5.1 Device registration:-

In this the records is stored into the database. The records is related to the figure and includes their contact information and the geo-fence settings. The geo-fence is about via drawing circles of favored radius on the google map. The center of the circle is then fed into the database and saved. The map presentations the vicinity labels so that it’s far simpler for the determine to discover the place before putting in place the geo-fence. Admin console also gives the ability to alternate the password and call wide variety. The primary requirement of this utility is a GPS enabled mobile cellphone.

5.2 File of misplaced phone:-

If the phone is stolen, the proprietor could request for remotely wiping out the tool through internet interface, or maybe the SMS. To remotely wipe sensitive statistics on a stolen cellphone without the SIM card and the Wi-Fi connection, a user wishes to join the remote wipe-out carrier before the telephone receives misplaced. The owner registers the service with identity statistics (e.g., identification card facts) which can uniquely discover himself to the service company and installs our application on the cellphone. While the person reports the robbery and the identity is demonstrated successfully, the provider issuer updates the document of the stolen device inside the IMEI database through tagging its country as stolen.

5.3 Place tracing & wiping of data:-

Despite the fact that popular GPS can offer correct vicinity information after the SIM has been eliminated, the constraints it imposes make it tough for cell gadgets to use it. To help keep away from a few the limitations of fashionable GPS, modern-day mobile devices employ assisted GPS (A-GPS) and in all likelihood simultaneous GPS (S-GPS).

A_GPS uses the cell community to transmit the GPS almanac alongside different portions of facts to a cellular device. This use of the mobile community lets in for faster transmission of the almanac, which may lead to faster determination of the tool’s cutting-edge location.  This could also enhance the time it takes to accumulate a GPS location. Gadgets that use trendy gps may additionally use the equal hardware to speak with GPS satellites and make mobile smartphone calls. Which means only this kind of movements can take region at a time. 

S-GPS addresses this difficulty with the aid of including additional hardware that allows the GPS radio and the mobile network radio to be operational concurrently. The ability to have two radios active can speedup GPS statistics transmission as it allows the records to be acquired at the same time as the cell network radio is active. In case the GPS does now not work, we can also use the community company to extract place. In android, community-based vicinity can use special strategies for determining the vicinity of a device. As of this writing, the community region company can offer vicinity facts the usage of mobile towers, or based totally on wireless community facts. After the monitoring the cellphone the consumer receives the location via message,and requesting erasing of statistics.

Description: C:\Users\Ankit Kumar\Desktop\project\data\google.png

As soon as the phone detects the absence of the SIM card, it asks for statistics erasure thru making a customized message with a deletion indicator connected. It’ll get hold of a wipe-out command after the decision manage entity of the community confirms that the cellphone has been stolen. The deletion indicator is connected to a message on the basis that the signaling procedure of the customized emergency name is regular with the normal emergency call originated via a cellphone as described in well-known protocols. So the community carriers can aid our mechanism with none change to the cutting-edge community shape. The deletion indicator is attached based totally on minimal modification of the implementation of present day protocols..

If the again state is stolen inside the IMEI database, the call control entity sends a wipe-out command to the device. The wipe-out command may be formatted via assigning a particular fee for a special facts area of the call reject message defined in the modern call manipulate protocol. Upon receiving the wipe-out command, the smartphone initiates the statistics erasure.

However, if the state of the cellphone is regular, the network will ship a call popular message to the phone steady with the get right of entry to permission for a legal ongoing emergency call originated by using a smartphone without the SIM card. This design pursuits at keeping the consistency with modern-day protocol. The phone hangs up the customized emergency name releasing all occupied resources after receiving this message.

5.4 Wipe-out command:-

For a normal emergency name attempt, the msc sends a “release” message to the ms with a selected cause fee if the IMEI of the ms is within the blacklist. the cause records detail within the“launch”message is used to suggest the reason for the abortion. We customize a reason “deletion” thru assigning a unique cause value.

Upon receipt of the customized “emergency setup” message, the msc initiates the identification method soliciting for gadget identification, after which it queries the answered IMEI and its state within the IMEI database of the service issuer. If the nation of the smartphone is stolen, the msc sends a “launch” message with the purpose “deletion” to the ms as a wipe-out command. We define the reason “deletion” as 01100111 which is prominent from all existing cause values, so that it will keep away from unintentional deletion from false impression of a “launch” message.

6. Security analysis:-

Because the carrier issuer verifies the reporter’s identity while a smartphone is pronounced stolen, we are able to prevent a malicious attacker from misusing our gadget to falsely wipe some other consumer’s smartphone. While a person registers the far off wipe-out provider, he submits sure identity records that can uniquely identify himself to the carrier issuer. moreover, the carrier provider may additionally decorate the authentication process by difficult the reporter who desires to spark off the wipe-out service with certain specific questions, which includes supplying one cellphone wide variety with the maximum common communique.

We also can prevent the service company or the network provider from by chance or maliciously wiping out a phone. The consumer specifies the pin code for similarly authentication when installing the wipe-out application on his smartphone. The user most effective wishes to disclose the pin code to the service company when he wants to activate the wipe-out provider. The carrier provider ought to ship the pin code to the call manage entity, if the nation of the queried IMEI is stolen. The telephone need to verify the pin code while receiving a wipe-out command from the call manage entity. The pin code can be deleted all through the wipe-out method.

7. Dialogue:-

We design a far off deletion mechanism for smartphones, so one can be enabled despite the fact that the SIM cards are unplugged and the Wi-Fi is disconnected. However, an adversary might also maintain the cellphone in special conditions.

To provide a full-fledged remote wipe-out mechanism, we endorse imposing several advanced faraway data erasure methods together with our framework as proven in table. For a stolen phone with the unique SIM card plugged or changed by using some other SIM card, the owner can send a specific wipe-out SMS message to the device. Furthermore, if the statistics provider from cellular network or the Wi-Fi connection is to be had, the owner can remotely wipe out an internet tool thru the net. the Wi-Fi connection is not to be had.


Smartphones are increasingly more used for processing and sporting touchy records, meanwhile grow to be the principle objectives for thieves, which poses critical security threat on private facts. We propose a  novel remote records destruction mechanism for a stolen phone whilst whose SIM card is unplugged and the Wi-Fi is disabled. The community operators can integrate our proposed mechanism to offer far off wipe-positioned carrier for the person without any change on present day network shape. As soon as a telephone is stolen, its owner can record the theft and ask for wipe-out. If the SIM card is eliminated by means of the adversary, the stolen cellphone begins to request user permission for wipe-out thru making custom designed process. We make use of the simplest conversation channel for remote manipulate in such connection constrained surroundings. We gift the far off wipe-out mechanism here to encourage similarly research of imposing far off data deletion on a stolen smartphone. The software is price powerful and does not require any additional tool. The software runs on a single cell and the alert messages can be dispatched to any mobile.


We would like to thank our parents for providing us with the support that was necessary to reach our goal. We would like to thank our project guide Prof. S.P.Chhaware and all people who participated in our primary experiments. Their comments turned out to be very helpful for this paper.


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