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1Student of ECE, Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering & Technology

2Student of ECE, Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering & Technology

3Student of ECE, Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering & Technology

4Professor of ECE, Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering & Technology


India is the 7th largest continent over the globe. The population of our country is around 1.3 billion. With the increase in population there is an increase in the rate density on roads. We all have an idea about vehicle accident that occur or hilly and foggy areas. In foggy areas the major reason for accident is the careless behavior of driver, with another reason being the distance at which the front car is at. If the driver is unable to see the front car or the upcoming car then there is a probability of collision of both the cars.

This paper represents the smart vehicle with accidental avoiding system. In the foggy areas the driver is unable to see the very front of him and it becomes hard on the basis of head light to judge the distance of car. So we use sensors like ultrasonic sensors that will tell the driver the distance of separation of his car with the front car. Then the driver can take action but if he fails to take any action then the car will be stopped resulting in preventing of collusion and saving life.


With the increase in population there is an increase in the rate density on roads. There are several advanced technological innovations are available today for vehical safety but then to growth of accidents are increasing day by day. Most of the accidents are especially due to collision or due to bad weather. We all have an idea about vehicle accident that occur in hilly and foggy areas or while rainy season. In these condition the drivers feel very hard to drive or to recognize the vehicle and speed of vehicle which pass around them and may cause to severe accident. Looking at this major reason we have came up with idea to save accidents on hilly and foggy areas. In our project we will get to know the distance of the front car, so we will get an idea of the car and then the driver can take the necessary action and prevent any such collisions.


  •  As human life is not cheap and the major reason behind life loss is accidents that occurs on highways on roads due to careless or ruthless driving.
  • So the main aim of our project is to prevent the rate of accidents that occurs on hilly and foggy areas.
  • The main objective of our project is to tell the driver the distance of separation of the car so the driver can take the further action.
  • Also if the driver fails to take any action then our projected model will provide us with the advantage of stopping the car as soon as the distance between both cars approaches to zero.
  • The rate of accidents cannot be totally become zero but if several measures are taken then this rate can be reduced.


  1. Advanced Accident Avoidance System for Automobiles

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT) – volume 6 number 2– Dec                                     2013

In this author describes that, the relative speed and distance of all the vehicles around a particular vehicle is estimated using IR sensors and Ultrasonic sensors and based on those results the speed of that particular vehicle is controlled to avoid early collisions. Besides this facility they also provide an accident detection system which detects the accidents and by using GPS and GSM and then send the information of the location of the accident place to the police station and relatives, which is most useful information to save the persons.

Their system consists of several sensors to predict the weather conditions such that humidity sensor, temperature sensor etc. They have considered for an adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain cases and huge snow fall conditions. They use humidity sensor to predict the rain conditions, humidity sensor to calibrate the level of humidity in the surrounding environments and temperature sensor is used to predict the snow conditions. To avoid early accidents small radar sensors are used around the car to detect vehicles and their relative speeds and distances. Radar sensors are IR sensors and Ultrasonic sensors.IR sensors are used to detect the in front vehicles and ultrasonic sensors to detect adjacent vehicles. These sensors regularly transmit bursts of radar waves with high frequency. The transmitted high frequency bursts bounce off the nearest vehicles and return back to the sensor. At sensor, another unit connected to the sensor to estimate the time between signal leave and bounce back. This information is used to estimate the relative velocity, distance and position of the vehicle immediately. The collision of vehicles is avoided by properly applying the brake at right time in right direction i.e. if driver turns right without observing the  coming vehicles, the this system will issue a throttle command to the vehicle and at same time a brake command is applied. Same process will be applied in every turn of the vehicle. Whenever accident happens the vibration sensor senses the accident by sensing the sudden vibrations in the vehicle body and transforms this signal to the controller through the amplifying circuit. As and when the input is received by the controller, the buzzer (alarm) is ON and the message is sent to the rescue team with the help of the GSM module. The rescue team reaches the site of the accident with the help of the location given in the message. The location or the geographical coordinates where the vehicle is present are detected by the GPS module. So here first they tried to avoid the most general accidents which are occurred due to bad weather conditions. And if the accident occurred then the accident location can be located easily and the detection of accident is precise unlike the prior approaches, where detection of accident is done by either of the two sensors. In this approach the accident is detected by both the vibration and micro electro mechanical sensor and the information of accident location will be sent to already predefined numbers.

2. An autonomous speed control and object detection system for vehicles based on RF technology

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering Vol. 2, Issue 9, September 2013

In this paper we are designing a speed control system for vehicles which can intimate the driver about the different speed zones and limit speed of the vehicle automatically by means of RF technology. It is composed of two separate units: zone status transmitter unit and receiver speed control unit system. Transmitter unit will be kept in each and every area where some special care is needed. Transmitter unit will be having a radio frequency transmitter. These transmitters will be having a range. Within that range if any vehicle comes with the RF receiver, then automatically this signal will be received by that vehicle. In real time, if in a school zone area a speed need to be maintained then this system have to be fixed around that area. So the vehicle if enters the area then, automatically the vehicle will go to a low speed according to the program. Transmitter sections continuously transmit the signal. So that if any vehicle enters in to the region at any time, then the signal will be received by that vehicle. The data will be unique for each and every area. So that the vehicle will set into different speed.

Receiver unit will be fixed inside the vehicle. This unit will give the intimation to the driver regarding the detail like speed change, zone alert and so on. An RF receiver will be connected to this unit. Which will decode the signals when the vehicle enters a particular zone, then an unique RF signal will be received by this unit automatically. Then the received signal will be decoded by the receiver. This device continuously checks the vibration level of the vehicle. If the vehicle got any accident in the sense if the processor receives a heavy vibration then automatically it will send intimation to the nearest emergency unit. ASCS unit is having an obstacle detection sensor and it will sense any presence of object within a certain area. If it finds any object then automatically an alert will be given inside the vehicle. In the display, zone type will also be shown. This will prevent lot of careless accidents over the school zone, U-Turn curve and so many places. So here they have shown a speed control unit which is very useful in highway zones to limit speed of the vehicle and to avoid accident. The object avoidance unit in the vehicle will be very helpful at the time of careless driving. The GSM modem will be useful if any case accident occurs to report to emergency unit. This project  has  a method to prevent the accident happening in most of the sensitive zone of the road route. Here we have discussed a factor, accident intimation, which is very useful in highway zones.

Fig 1 : Block Diagram

The block diagram consists of ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, motor driver, RS MAX 232,zigbee. The heart of the system is  PIC18F2XK20 microcontroller. As soon as any obstacle detected through ultrasonic sensor microcontroller shall immediately slow down the vehicle speed. To detect obstacle in vehicle path the sensor is placed in such a way that each cover the maximum area in front of the vehicle and detect a human or animal and obstacle either obstacle is small or big. If vehicle follows wrong path then infrared sensors placed at either side of bot sense the track and automatically move the car towards the correct path.


The control of our bot will be carried out through the remote controller. The remote controller and the bot will be connected wireless through zigbee. If we give front command than it will move in front direction, if we give back command than it will move in reverse direction and same goes for left and right command. When our bot is moving and it finds obstacle like any moving object for example car then the ultrasonic sensors will get activated. The ultrasonic sensors will tell the distance of the car and the distance can be seen on our remote controller. As soon as our bot moves closely to the obstacle the speed of bot will be reduced and if the distance becomes zero then automatically brakes will be applied. The infrared sensors will get activated that means it will detect a nearby obstacle, it will immediately send signal to micro controller and the car will be stopped. Now the driver has to take action and thus the chances of sudden collision is terminated.


The model we have designed will tell the distance of the incoming car with the provision of stopping the car as soon as the obstacle sensors are activated. The model will have ultrasonic sensor that will provide with the distance of the front car at which it is separated. So the driver gets enough time to take action like turning it, reversing it.IR sensors also detects the obstacle.  The main aim of our project that was to save accidents from being happening is being successfully achieved.


  1. If the driver is not in control of the vehicle than the vehicle will take its own decision on  whether to take a turn or stop the car in order to prevent the collision.
  2. The distance of the upcoming car is known so that will create a huge impact on rate of road accidents being reduced.
  3. The cost of the generated model will be comparatively less if manufactured on large scale. So that vehicles will have this in them.
  4. The accidents that occur on hilly roads causes a lot of traffic jam as the roads are single way. So the rate of traffic will also be reduced with the accident not happening.
  5. Last but not the least thing what is more advantageous thing than saving human life.


  1. Zone dependent automatic speed control of cars.
  2. We will have the alcohol sensors in our model and if the driver had consume alcohol then car will not start.
  3. Password locking system.
  4. Using database management we can store all the traffic signs and car will detect the sign and will work accordingly.
  5. By using smart phones, it can automatically detect traffic accidents using accelerometers and acoustic data, immediately notify a central emergency dispatch server after an accident and provide situational awareness.


In this paper we present the accidental prevention method in hilly and foggy areas. The turning of vehicle as well as stopping of vehicle as necessary to prevent the collision will help the driver take control of vehicle again. Our main aim or objective that was to save accidents by letting the distance of separation of both the cars being know to our driver so that he can control his actions. Thus the accidents will be avoided resulting in saving human life.


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