An Analytical Study of Consumer Behavior Towards Buying Indian Brand Frooti
Volumn 2

“An Analytical Study of Consumer Behavior Towards Buying Indian Brand Frooti.”

Mahesh Singh#1, Asha Thakur#2

#1Sr. Faculty (RM), FDDI School of Retail & Fashion Merchandising-Chhindwara, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India,

#2Dean Academics, Real Institute of Management and Research, Nagpur

Abstract— Indian beverages industry is very diverse.  The beverages industry is dominated by the carbonated drinks competitors like Coke, Pepsi etc. In fruit juice segment mango juice has the highest market share. Frooti, Maaza Slice and Real have significant market share in Indian fruit juice market.

Keywords—Consumer Behavior, Mango Juice, Consumption Habits, Loyalty Patterns, Influencing Factors, Consumer Preferences


Indian consumers are very particular in choosing their mango drink. Indian fruit juice industry has been dominated by mango juice consisting almost 90% market share.

Parle Agro’s Frooti has been a trusted brand since its inception in 1985. Consumers prefer Frooti over competitors due to various important aspects like its availability, taste, packaging quality, attractive look etc. Frooti is the market leader in tetra pack segment.


To analyse consumer consumption habits

To understand loyalty patterns

To study influencing factor


This study was confined to the specific geographic locality in Nagpur city.

Due to business busy the customers sometimes forget important issues.

The view expressed by customer differs from each other according to their perspectives at the point of time when the survey was conducted. Hence the interpretation differs from one respondent to other respondent.

Time and cost constraints were also involved in conducting the survey to a larger population.


Descriptive research design has been used in this study. It includes structured questionnaire. Survey method has been used to record respondent’s views. Error free data collection is a challenge. I have tried to collect genuine data and have collected data from all the targeted population. I have used primary and secondary data collection methods. The size of the sample is 85.

This study is intended to understand consumer consumption habits, loyalty patterns and various influencing factors. Questionnaire was a mix of various demographic and consumption related areas.

There are various influencing factors to consumers in their purchase process. Four factors which influence consumer behaviour are cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors. In cultural factors various sub factors are like culture and social environment, sub culture, social class and cultural trends. Social factors also influence consumer behavior significantly. They are reference groups, family and social roles and status.


Consumer behavior and buying decisions are influenced by the characteristics of each consumer. Like Age and life style, Purchasing Power, Personality and self concept are the main drivers. Psychological factors are motivation, perception, learning as well as beliefs and attitudes.



Demographic variables for this study are age, gender, income level, marital status, family type and educational level. Under gender variable 52 % respondents were male and 48% were female which is close to Nagpur’s actual gender ratio (51:49).Mixed age groups were like 4-12 years, 13-18, 19-30, 31-50 and > 50 years. All type of educated respondents, married and unmarried, joint and nuclear families, all type of income (earners and non earners), were the part of this study.

When the question which mango drink you prefer asked 34% said Frooti, 37% Maaza, 21% Slice, 6 % none of these and 2 % others were picked up as their mango drink which is very close to the actual figures like Maaza 36%, Frooti 33% and Slice 20% market share.

To analyse consumer consumption habits several questions were asked and responses were recorded and analysed. 

With whom you would like to consume mango drink? 41% says that it depends on situation with whom they would drink mango juice. 34% says with family, and 24% says with friends and 1% don’t share with anyone. Another question, in which season you consume more mango drinks? 52% says summer, 44% says throughout the year, 3% winter and 1 % rainy.   

These figures clearly indicate that mango drinks can be consumed with anyone and in all the seasons especially in summers. Nagpur witnesses longer summer season which indicates huge potential for mango drinks.

To understand loyalty patterns few questions were asked and responses were recorded and analysed. Would you continue buying Frooti if its price rises by up to 10%?

32% says always, 27% sometimes, 19% never, 15% says very often and 7% says rarely. In responses of the question, are you brand loyal to Frooti? 34% says always, 27% often, 26% sometimes,7% seldom and 6% says never.

Which clearly indicates that majority of the consumers are highly brand loyal to Frooti and they would continue to buy Frooti even if price hike is there.

Next objective was to study influencing factor which plays important role in the purchase process of Frooti.

What motivates you to purchase Frooti? 24% says taste, 14% quality, 8% Price, 7% Brand, 5% Packaging, 6% others and 36% says all or combination of above mentioned factors motivates them to purchase Frooti. Which clearly indicates that only one factor alone is not going to work to influence consumers. Frooti should work in all the departments to be the most preferred brand. Frooti should maintain its quality, should work on innovative packaging and offcourse should retain its taste.


In this cut throat competitive world consumers are the king and to survive Frooti or any other mango juice brand have to cater all the needs of the consumers. This study points out many facts like consumers prefer Frooti especially tetra pack of Frooti is the most preferred. Frooti caters needs of the consumers. Frooti can be consumed in any season with anyone which gives scope to gain market to mango juice sector. Customers are loyal towards their brand Frooti but at the same time this research also indicates that only one factor is not sufficient to influence consumers. Frooti needs to work in all the aspects to retain its position and gain significant market share. 


This study was not possible without the blessing of almighty. We would thank to Dr. JM Paliwal who helped us to go through the online survey. We also like to thank Dr. Kaustav Mukherjee and Mr. Sanjiv Kumar who also helped us to get data of their students. This research wouldn’t have completed without continuous motivating help from our family members.


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